Ability to set Invisible or 'Offline' Status Option

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to . . . Play solo without anyone else knowing you’re online/having the ability to invite you to parties/chat with you in the app/join your game/and not have the game you’re playing appear in Friend’s Recent Activity.

If Roblox is able to address your issue, how would it improve your game and/or your development experience? If you ever wanted to go on Roblox for a bit without the hassle of anyone else, this is a great option. An example of a service that uses this is Discord, they have an invisible mode in which it shows you as offline when in reality, you’re online just hidden.

Basically, it would be nice to have an option to change your status to online, do not disturb and invisible.


This has since been requested by multiple large developers and influencers on the platform.

Giving users the option of anonymity (to hide they’re online) would also be helpful in case there are people actively stalking or harassing you such as mentioned by AlbertsStuff: “this has also lead to people stalking me in-game […] a lot of people use an exploit to follow me to purposely ruin videos I’m trying to record”.

This feature should be implemented into the Roblox platform, it’s beneficial to users, developers, influencers and in anyone in general.


Support! Bumping this but is there any update on this since RDC 2020 or possibly anytime as I would like an “Invisible”/“Offline” status to choose similar to discord.

Overtime, I always wanted to become invisible when I’m developing on Roblox for many cases so many of my friends don’t have to chat or join me on certain occasions as they might spoil the surprise or just bug me around when I’m playing with important or close buddies.

^ Mainly my development team or best friends of mine that have been supportive to me ever since 2012.

Anyway, I would love a feature like this has to be implemented onto the platform as developers or YouTubers would find this beneficial, and supportive when making something secret or making videos.


This has great benefits for developers who are working on a secret project. Yes, you can hide what you are doing, but you can’t hide that you are doing something.
This makes it extremely hard to keep your projects absolutely private.

Come on Roblox, make work of this!


Support, this is especially important not just for personal reasons like not wanting to be followed by friends at the moment or whatnot but this will also serve to be important for nda-verified qa testers where the project they are testing simply cannot be leaked.


This is needed for many reasons. Now I am a somewhat popular roblox developer, so when ever i’m developing or even playing games, I am constantly getting asked; “what are you doing?” or “can you accept my friend request?” and stuff like. It can get really annoying. Like I cannot do anything “secretly”.

My other reasons have already been listed by other users on this thread.


I do a lot of work for multiple clients. Occasionally when I work on a project for a client, I’ll get a message from another asking why I am not working on their project.

This problem could be solved by:

  • Removing the tag that shows what game I am working on
  • Making myself invisible

Adding this feature to Roblox would truly improve my experience on the platform


I need this. I dislike when people know I’m online. Sometimes, as a player, I want to vibe alone in a corner with nothing but the sound of elevator music and dark ambience. Sometimes, people who know alternative ways to message me will start to spam me or be like, “Why are you playing a game or developing”. And as a developer, time is rare. We need the polite version of “leave me the hell alone”.


Still surprised that we don’t have anything like this yet. This is still a very much needed feature in my opinion. This should definitely be looked into


kinda crazy roblox hasnt made this a feature yet


I could’ve sworn they announced a feature like this that they were trying to implement on the site long ago. I may be wrong…

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RoSeal (a chrome extension) actually offers a feature like this. I believe that the Ultimate version of RoGold also will offer this.


Shame that a third-party extension offers a feature, that has been wanted by many for a while now, that Roblox never bothered to add.


Support for this feature, I can join anything I want without getting stalked by players.


Due to exploiters and stream snipers, this feature would be useless

Bump, A feature like this is long over due.


Platforms like Steam have had this forever, It’s about time Roblox catches up.


Liked. This is a desperately needed feature, especially with the fact there’s millions of users online, roaming the website every day.

I’m an avid donator on PLS DONATE!. This has led to many people following me to games asking me for Robux. I tend to end up in not-so-populated games, which comes at the cost of finding me pretty easily.

The ability to set our presence to offline, busy, do not disturb, or away would be insanely helpful for everyone. It would help those dealing with stalkers/predators on the platform, it would help in communities that are eagerly waiting for an update from getting to a toxic point, it would help people be comfortable and more efficient while in-experience, in their work zone, on the website, when they want their alone time.

Normal everyday social media platforms have this feature, Discord has this feature, your own Guilded platform has this feature. Why can’t we?


Bumping this once again as we are still to receive this feature.


They already tried addressing the following issues and already have the ability to turn off joins.

There’s not really a point to the online indicator if it doesn’t indicate when you are online. Its not a privacy concern unless Roblox ignores violations to their built-in privacy settings. But since they actually took the time to address that, even hiding icons of people in servers you haven’t joined. This old feature request is unnecessary.

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