Ability to set thickness of text strokes, letter spacing on TextLabels & TextButtons

There’s currently .TextStrokeTransparency and .TextStrokeColor3 properties, but the thickness of the stroke seems to be arbitrary, which makes it difficult to use for styling beyond providing thin contrasting text shadows.

This would allow for text styling that looks like this, for example (this text’s stroke thickness is 3 px):

The ability to set the spacing between characters in TextLabels and TextButtons would also be nice to be able to set (also for text styling purposes).

Since both of these are dependent on the text size, it might be worth having these values be in a unit that scales based on the current text size :mag_right:


Can we please get a response on this? It’s really frustrating that the stroke of your text is the same size no matter what the size of your font is. It works for small font but essentially rules out most strokes for large or super tiny fonts. It’s a real bummer and a major design hurdle.

What would also be amazing along with TextStrokeSize would be TextStrokeOffset. This would allow you to offset the stroke to super easily create a drop shadow effect, which currently requires creating a completely separate TextLabel (something that is super unintuitive for new developers and a pain to work with)



Almost 2019 and we still dont have this feature… I find it frustrating how I cant change the text-stroke thickness for my text. I can barely see the text stroke on my game title below.


Definitely something I would be using.
I can see this being used for choice options.
The button/text you click on would get outlined.


2019 now. Any word on whether some more text options are coming soon?


Would really love to see developers gain more control over text properties and this included! We can bring more life to text just by simply changing the text stroke and colour, how come this isn’t already implemented?


Bumping this because I really could use this feature

I really need to be able to set the thickness of text strokes, quite often as strokes improve the quality of text and allow them to pop out, text without a stroke can be hard to view if they are not a dark color


a stroke helps a lot but as @berezaa mentioned this one text stroke width makes some fonts unusable


it’s been 2+ years, this feature is needed

a response would be great, even if for some reason this cannot/wont be added we want to know

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