Accelerated Collission Pipeline beta interferes with terrain tools

Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-04-23 13:04:00 (+02:00)
Date Last Experienced:

Reproduction Steps:
To reproduce this issue, simply enable the Accelerated Collission Pipeline beta, and try to use any of the normal tools under the edit page of the Terrain Editor.

Expected Behavior:

Here’s the normal behaviour of the tools when the Accelerated Collission Pipeline beta is disabled, this would be what we expect to happen, just normal behaviour really.

Actual Behavior:

Here we see the behaviour while Accelerated Collission Pipeline beta is enabled, the brush is all over the place, causing the terrain editor to be pretty much unusable for real workloads.

You can just turn off the Accelerated Collission Pipeline beta to fix this.


Can confirm, this is happening to me as well. Very annoying

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Is this something to look into? @ArmyOfCorgis or @JoshSedai


Thanks for the report @Phini! We will look into the issue and reply with any updates.


I can confirm with this happening. I can’t do any terrain work.

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I have this issue, but Accelerated Collision was never set to on. Any possible fixes?


Check under beta features in Studio. I didn’t turn it on either, but it turned on for me without my consent. Just turned it off and I can work with terrain again.

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Can you post me a level that repros this? I attempted to create a similar terrain level on my machine, but nothing repros.


I am having the same issue

Image from Gyazo

Image from Gyazo

I also cannot drag objects on the terrain either.

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Edit: Accelerated Collision pipeline is off and the terrain acts as if plane lock is on.

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I’m unable to repro this as well with place files on my machine, but able to do so with published games.

It seems like this bug only occurs with published places; downloading the place file where the tool breaks and trying to use it there (even with the beta feature still enabled) works fine. However, when going back to the published place, it stops working again.

As long as the place is published to my account / a group, though, it appears to always occur.

Looks like its related to the plugin lua code rather than our collision detection code. The Studio Tools team is currently investigating a lead.


Had this issue earlier, didn’t know why it happened and I thought it was only me.

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Thanks for the heads up about this. We’re working on some changes to make the terrain brush tools more stable (in terms of behavior), and it looks like one change had some unintended consequences that our internal testing didn’t reveal. We’re going to disable the change and figure out how to ensure our testing catches these issues better.


I am still having this issue with the Beta Feature enabled.

Can you check if the problem is still there after upgrading to 477 Studio? A fix should have just shipped.

Seems like it has been resolved with this version. If the issues shows up again I will make another comment.

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