Access keys for Paid Access Experiences (kinda like steam keys)

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to give users access to your paid access experiences for free.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I could more easily promote my experience on social media, and also immediately allow testers into my experience.

I’m proposing something like steam keys, but for Roblox experiences.

Use cases:

  • Giving access to testers
  • Social media promotions

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This might flag your game as bannable in some sort of way, not sure, but here’s an alternative method.

Make users have to pay in-game, with a gamepass, and if they buy it, they get access, then certain users with certain user IDs, aren’t required to do this step, so they straight into the game. It doesn’t take as much time as it sounds, trust me. But overall very good idea!


That’d be easy to do, but I don’t want users to think the game is free, join, see it’s paid, and immediately drop a dislike and leave.


That’s true, but you can always leave a message in the title like [PAID] or add a disclaimer in the description, or even have a warning message as they join the game.

I feel like kids would still leave dislikes, even if you put “[PAID]” in the title. Seems like an ugly hack.
Also, one of the advantages to having a paid-access game is bot prevention. What if I don’t want my game to be as easily dislike-botted?


Maybe have the main game just be a lobby to a completely other different place so the “different place” is the main game, and can only be joined through the lobby.

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This is a major issue paid-access games have to deal with, currently the only way to do this is charge testers for entry (which is not ideal) or give them full edit permissions on the game (even worse) - play permissions does not allow the users to access the game for free which makes zero sense.


I love this idea and I think it should be added. Until then, you can make your game group locked and just accept people into the group who you want to play the game.

For paying, you could just accept someone into the group when they buy something for access (gamepass, shirt, etc.)

Edit: Access keys for private servers too? paid access experiences are a good idea but i don’t think it’s possible to give a player a free vip server

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I’ve just finished creating this system!

I hope this helps.

This is a workaround but not a solution to the issue as users can join the experience, find out it’s paid access via gamepass and dislike. Paid access does not allow ratings for those who don’t paywhich is most preferable.


Just thought I’d also note this:

If there’s any concern about devs selling their Roblox Experience access keys for USD or something, it’s worth noting that users can kinda already do this using group access games.

It would be great to have a streamlined way of generating keys within the ecosystem, that doesn’t rely on setting up external servers.

Unfortunately a simple system like that doesn’t resolve my use case, but I appreciate the effort! :balloon:

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Sounds like a good idea, but Roblox would need to create a method more complex than Microsoft Product Activation to prevent others from stealing access to the game.

A few games use this technique, so I currently recommend this. The only issue is that users can dislike your game. I recommend a “Place Hub” sort of thing where you can join a free version of the experience (demo) or the full, paid version.

This is a duplicate and already covered by at least these two threads:


wow, I couldn’t find these threads when I searched
thanks for pointing this out

looks like people really want this already
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