Accomodations for Custom Character Replication: Humanoid.DisableFloorRayCheck

At current, games that use custom character replication battle resource demands. The option to DisableFloorRayCheck would heavily lift these demands for larger and faster servers in advanced games.


Seen here, raycastBroadphase and raycastTerrain operations, blue and green strips on the flame chart above, hog a ton of resources. Many characters in a detailed map being custom positioned, and this happens.

Games that have trains or boats or large moving platforms or FPS games with similair sake systems replicate character positions and set character positions manually. This currently triggers raycast logic which is very expensive, seen here. Disabling it would enhance and direct resource attention to developer intent


This is quite a performance intensive feature and it would be nice to disable it for games that don’t utilise the FloorMaterial property.

It would also be nice if it was dynamic and could be controlled at runtime, I could disable it when clients are sitting in a vehicle, then re-enable it when they’re not.