[Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

It’s just luck and chosen people however it might also because people are on roblox beta?

There doesn’t seem to be a pattern at all. Or maybe there is, but Roblox is withholding the criteria… as usual. I joined in June of 2012, have been ID verified, and have premium, but only have 100 monthly uploads. Devex doesn’t seem to affect the limit either, as some seem to have 2000 with or without having devexed.

I seriously hope meshes won’t be affected in the same way audios will be. This would screw over the entire platform.

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What is your total game visit count?

All roblox has to do is fix their moderation, but hey since when did roblox care anyways?


Uhm how does privating the audio help deal with copyright? Why not delete it entirely and not risk another lawsuit? And also one thing I wanna know. You already are trying to improve your potato servers, so why not focus on improving everything else (Including your TERRIBLE moderation, Potato servers, AND the copyright bot) so that you don’t have to work on it anymore? But… I don’t work at Roblox HQ and I’m just a developer, so what can I do.


This script I made might help, its not as easy as a gui bulk replace(which they should have included) but it helps if you have a lot of instances with same soundID to replace.


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Oh boy! Can’t wait to listen to the new awesome copyright free music :smiley: BEST UPDATE EVERRRRRRRRR


Somehow I have 2000 uploads (i wont need that much lol)

At least you don’t have 10 like me, and a game with hundreds of sounds with none of them made by yourself.

Will there be an actual sort for sound effects? I really don’t want to sift through hundreds of songs while looking for sound effects?

Wow. Just wow. I am actually appalled that a multi-billion dollar company is this damn careless for its users and doesn’t even bother to try when it comes to legal situations. They would rather hurt its own developers than to stand up for themselves. This is just sad.


We cannot let this Roblox update occur because of it does every old game is going to be silent


For developers that mainly rely on audios made by other users it really has a major impact, especially if their game doesn’t have audios made by themselves.

Been here since 2014…
even got that stupid crown thing they give to people yet nothing
not even a way to request a limit increase

also, if it happens to meshes, hundreds of thousands of assets would be broken, completely destroying almost all Roblox games. We would have to go back to part building everything


what next, private images and decals? lol


Don’t give them any ideas of doing so…


Although I thought this was a great idea (because i had no robux) but I will have to reupload ALL of the audios in my games and also they will have the ideas to upload SCAM AUDIOS and MORE bypassed audios.

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why does roblox keep “fixing” perfectly good things


Do you think Roblox will let everyone upload UGC Hats?

they need to keep the shareholders happy so they can profit even more off of children