Add a function that returns players in the Roblox App back to the Roblox Home page

I really don’t know in which sub-forum to put this in, If you think I put it in the wrong sub-forum, then tell me to change it! Also this function is something similar to Player:Kick() and DataModel:Shutdown() [Game:Shutdown()] combined.

Back in December, Roblox’s staff announced that the “Roblox App for windows” is on its way in development.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, that means that even the players on PCs will have a single application in which everything could be done without opening another 300 apps and browsers.

It would be cool if Roblox added a custom function which would return the player to the home page.
Developers would be able to create a even more seamless experience in their games (If the developer uses that power in the right way.)

But to prevent some sort of abuse, and to prevent players getting confused on why their game just closed and returned them to the main menu, a special prompt should be shown once the game returns the player to the home screen.


This would be different from just kicking the player from the game, this function should close the game entirely, and return the user to the main menu (Home).

This could also be used to fully kick out exploiters out of the game, since sometimes, some exploiter could use game:GetService("GuiService"):ClearError() to delete the Kick UI. They are still disconnected, but the whole game is right infront of them. (But I haven’t heard of people exploiting on a Roblox App Client, like Windows 10 Edition for example…)

Also, in case of this function being ran on a player which is in the normal client, the game should either throw out a error (so the developers could pick up on that error and kick the player instead) or it should just kick out the player with a special message.

(Or maybe even make a prompt appear, which would warn the player that the client is going to close in a couple of seconds, and then the client should close.)

An great example on where this could be used is a “Leave Game/Quit” button in the main menu of a game. Just one click, and you are sent back to the Home Screen.