Add a "Search Before Posting" Reminder on the Development Discussion Description/Post Requirements section

As a Roblox Developer using the Roblox Developer Forum it is currently hard to search up meaningful topics regarding any proper discussions for Developments in #development-discussion. There has been multiple threads regarding the same thing about “Motivation” and I’m not exactly sure, if they’re intentionally posting for the sake of farming likes, or are new to the forum, however, I believe there should be a reminder in the #development-discussion description, such as

If it’s even possible to add a reminder of…

• Search before posting.
The topic you may try to attempt to search is possibly already posted. To avoid spam or making more topics that are already posted and to make #development-discussion be accessible to new topics for developers to gain more insights regarding more fruitful discussion. This is also to encourage to use the present topic for discussion.

I’ve seen the Developer Engagement Team, have always been placing up the “Search before posting” in my earlier days of the Developer Forum when my topic’s deleted or removed, which I say is actually good because it set me a reminder to search before posting, however I believe it’d be of great help, if this reminder is placed in #development-discussion as the category is already used for spam topics, and to avoid “like farmers” to use the #development-discussion to post nonsense for likes as well as “trying to get into the Regular rank”.
This would really help the Developer Forum community because I believe people would first read the description of the #development-discussion category, and they’ll be reminded to search the category first and engage the discussion in the original thread, rather than making spam threads which cover up other topics which are relevant and able to give knowledge to Developers.


The post composer already suggests similar topics. People just choose to ignore it. Adding more text won’t make people read it or abide it.


yeah I agree, people make too many topics at #development-discussion about the generative ai, I made a topic asking how to get the AI working before the mass creation began

I 100% agree, in the last few days there were like 7 threads about Generative AI in #development-discussion, I also don’t understand why everyone is so hyped about this new AI…