Add API to get the floor instance the humanoid is standing on

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find the instance that a humanoid is standing on.

Currently we have a way to get the material of the instance the humanoid is standing on via Humanoid.FloorMaterial. Ideally this feature would be very similar to this property, but instead of providing the material it tells us the actual instance the humanoid is standing on.

This would be extremely useful as I would no longer need to write my own redundant expensive multiple raycast test for information that humanoid already knows internally. It would also provide a uniform result in case my own raycast test doesn’t match the humanoid’s calculation.

An example of when this would be extremely useful would be in a case like this:

A few example use cases (but not limited to):

  • Checking if the player can jump when on certain parts
  • Welding the character to the part they’re standing on
  • Seeing if the player is standing on terrain vs a physical part, etc.

Thanks for reading!


Thank you for the suggestion - we agree that this could make the development easier & be valuable. Will add this to our to-do list and hopefully make it happen soon! :slight_smile:


To give everyone here an update - this feature is currently work in progress and should be available for you in Q3. Stay tuned!


*Update on a recent change to this instance: Changes to FloorMaterial Replication