Add more fonts to Text Elements

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to have different types of fonts to choose from and type inside studio without finding a website or external software to type out what you need inside your game and then uploading inside the game and sizing and scaling it onto devices.

Alright, fonts are important inside games to match the theme of the game or to match the UI barrier/structure that was made along with the text such as Twitter codes, a winning screen or death screen, and many more UI creations, but with these types of fonts being added, I’m guessing that there will be used more often along with the fonts we have currently in place today in studio.

For me, I usually use the Gotham font family for my game and for other games as well which is a bit tiring but the font is very well used among the platform and used sometimes in simulators or PvP games.

Here are some of the fonts that I would most likely want or could be perfect to fit inside studio:

  1. Gill Sans Ultra Bold ~ The Roblox logo font.
  2. Avenir
  3. Sabon
  4. Bembo
  5. Times New Roman
  6. Comic Sans
  7. Futura
  8. Uni Sans Heavy

It is also frustrating having to upload an image of some text like You win! or Congrats. on a different font/external software and then uploading as an image and wasting some time doing that. Figuring out the right font and maybe choosing the color and shadows for text takes about 5-10 minutes when you could have almost the same font and typing it out and changing colors for a small period of time.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it can give me more varieties of fonts to choose from and maybe more themes to create and more games with these types of fonts or present games switching over to make the game a bit for that font, or maybe some cooler creations from these fonts.

^ Just to add, it would be very beneficial for maybe customizable fonts where you can upload your custom fonts and stuff, maybe?

So, any thoughts on this?


Hi @loueque - Adding more fonts is something we’ve received a lot of feedback on and we’re treating with high priority. We’re hoping to share some updates on this soon! :smile:


That is some good news to me that more fonts will be coming to Roblox and has a high priority for the future, going to be excited when the time is right on an update on fonts.

Anyway, thanks!


Although more fonts would be nice, I’d rather see a system put in place where we can upload our own fonts eliminating the need for Roblox to add more fonts.


and they never added comic sans.

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Considering that Cloud fonts now exist internally, as well as a Font asset type, there is no excuse for developers not to be able to upload their own fontface.json files


I would really love a stencil font.

Uhm yes we dont still have the same fonts thanks, roblox!

Actually we did receive a few more fonts since.

For context, here’s the original post from 2020 where we announced those:


waitwaitwait you can upload your OWN FONTS? Do you have a link showing how you do this?

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Unless the upload API allows you to upload to asset types 73 and 74 (which I assume it cant), no you cant. That also doesn’t factor in creating the family json file.


It is currently not accessible but here’s the documentation for the Font instance: Font | Roblox Creator Documentation

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hello, I would like an update on this. Times New Roman still hasn’t been added.