Add sales back to the site

As a ROBLOX player, it is currently impossible to view the sales of a shirt, pants, hat, audio, or any other sellable item.

This used to be possible, but now it’s gone.

I’d like to ask if they could re-add this, as it would help me greatly, as well as a bunch of other developers.

(Credit to Kudac, he reminded me that Sales were gone so I thought I’d ask for them back.)



It would help the request if you gave a use case or user story, stating why it should be added.


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This has been mentioned before, use the search bar to find similar topics.


I’ve made a chrome extension that does this. Roblox should add it back, but this is the temporary fix for now.

In addition to showing sales, it also tells you how much the user has made in R$ and USD if you hover over the sales. AND it works on Paid Access games.


I saw this earlier on Twitter and I actually just realized you were the one that made it lmao. Thanks!!

I used to use this thingy but of course yours beats that by a landslide

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No problem :smiley:

I’m currently adding something that shows total game pass revenue on every game’s page, and something for individual items that shows when they were created.

I hope you like it!


It’s useful because it allows us to see what sells and what doesn’t sell, so we can better price and create our gamepasses and such

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You can see your sales by going to the Develop Page. Showing this information publicly doesn’t make a ton of sense. Some people prefer to have their sales private as well as their revenue generated. Not many companies go around touting sales numbers, this makes sense to happen here as well.

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In large part, nobody wants to use the develop page for three reasons:

  • The Develop page is painful to navigate (especially with the continued boggling of places/games)
  • There is no way to hide obsolete assets from the develop page, unlike the Inventory where you can remove your own assets from your inventory
  • We may have already navigated to the item’s detail page for other reasons and want to check stats

Issue #1

I imagine this will be alleviated a good deal when the page is redesigned, but I’m not sure about games/places. That seems less like a UI problem and more like we need to decide what we’re going to do with “games” – ever since they were introduced they’ve caused undue confusion, and we’ve never really set them in stone.

Issue #2

We need asset archiving and search – not a fan of having to reuse places instead of creating new ones to prevent my list of 170 places from growing any larger, nor refraining from using the Develop page for models/etc entirely.

Issue #3

Resolvable by adding stats for total amounts (rather than just this week, month, year) to developer stats for places, and adding developer stats for models/plugins/etc that are only currently visible


Roblox isn’t going to add a feature back because you find a page hard to navigate. The solution is to design the page to be better.

Resolvable by adding stats for total amounts (rather than just this week, month, year) to developer stats for places, and adding developer stats for models/plugins/etc that are only currently visible

Developer Stats is something needs improved upon, and when Roblox decides to redo the Developer Stats page more stats will be exposed and given to developers.

I’m going to ignore #1 and #2 because they have nothing to do with this feature request.

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They don’t have to… I already did. :wink:


:point_right: “I imagine this will be alleviated a good deal when the page is redesigned”

To clear up any confusion, I am not requesting sales to be added back to item pages. I agree that a more appropriate solution would be to provide a better design for the Develop page (which is issue #1, so I’m not sure why you thought it wasn’t relevant), but also that the Develop page – the alternative you suggested – does not solve all use cases (issue #s 2 and 3) for the feature OP is requesting. They are definitely on-topic.

Thank you sir.

You’re absolutely welcome.

You can get an extension for this, although I personally question the integrity of all plugins excluding WebGL3D’s Roblox+. Even this I am wary of due to the numerous fakes circulating on the chrome extension store.

As a developer though, and I’m sure many people can sympathize when I say, I would rather not have people know how many people have bought my gamepasses, shirts and any other item I sell personally for robux.

However, I don’t really see any reason for the removal of sales counts from things like roblox owned gear, clothing and accessories. Along with models, meshes, decals and audios owned by players. There’s no reason for the sales on these to be removed in my opinion as they serve as merely informational content. The sales amounts are readily available through the url and marketplaceservice:GetProductInfo, so it’s not as though this would be at any cost to roblox.

Partial support.

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you better not question the integrity of my extension

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im sorry ser pls forgiv :frowning:

This just isn’t true. Sales figures must be publicly listed by law if the company is being floated, although this law is for different reasons than it’d be useful for on roblox lol.

The only to not add this would be because some developers might be sensitive about this data, but if everyone’s is public so what?

Edit: Apple’s Q3 earnings report.

I thought the original reason why they removed it was to hide how much money developers are making off of clothing, gamepasses, etc. If this is the case then I’d request for them to remove the ProductInfo API because you can still figure out how much a user is making.

If they removed the sales because of that, then I honestly hate knowing how much a person is making because it feels like privacy invasion so they should remove the ProductInfo API.

If that isn’t the case, then add sales back because why not. I would still want them to add sales back for items sold in the catalog(created by the Roblox account to be more specific) if that were the case.

Roblox companies/groups aren’t being traded on the public stock market. You stating that it “isn’t true” is completely wrong. When you look at video game companies very few are being publicly traded. There is no reason Roblox should expose Sales to the user as that can be a breach of privacy.

The average user isn’t going to go out of their way to install a Chrome plugin to find out how much someone is making off of Game Passes. It’s not a big enough deal to go out of their way to remove this API.