Add the ability to modify the skybox color and brightness

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to effectively and uniquely modify the skybox’s coloring in its entirety.

Right now, the only real method to change the sky box’s color is to apply a ColorCorrectionEffect to Lighting. But this colors the entire scene.

As roblox progresses, more and more things are able to be made using the tools it gives us, developers. However, I find the ability to modify the skybox very limited.
Right now, we can modify the sun size, moon size, celestial body count, and the skybox textures.

However, I don’t believe it should be necessary to upload multiple different textures for a skybox in order to be able to dynamically change its color. That wouldn’t be as smooth as having a property to do so would be, and it’d be very exhausting.

In my game, we depend on night vision to perform raids in doors and out doors. However, the night vision does seem a bit dull / unrealistic when outside. Despite the ground and all objects on it being colored and brightened properly, the sky is always pitch black during the night, and there is no way to change this.

It is important to note I’m mentioning latest night vision tech, that allows the user to view in color. This means the scenery isn’t colored green, but rather in colors.

The problem is that everything is colored and bright, but the sky remains pitch black, making it look out of place. For my use case, I’d need the sky to look brighter, as if it was day time. However, changing the time of day locally doesn’t fix this issue. Instead, it becomes full day blue and no longer has celestial bodies or the moon, which is not what you’d expect to see during night time.

However, I can think of more use cases for this. Storms, weather changing, custom day / night gradient, nuclear detonation, etc.

This would all be solved by adding a Color property and a Brightness property to the skybox. We can already replicate this using a ColorCorrectionEffect or by modifying Lighting’s Brightness / OutdoorAmbient, but it colors the entire scene. Being able to modify only the skybox color (without coloring the celestial bodies) would be an amazing feature, and I’d definitely use it a lot myself.


Will this ever be a thing?

It’d really be useful in my game and possibly in many others.

Honestly, I feel like the skybox instance needs a long awaited overhaul.

I’d suggest doing a one big overhaul on skyboxes, adding different very needed properties such as the color, brightness and the ability to change the skybox transparency.


Bumping this, but can this be an actual feature because I can’t stand having other modification properties changing the skybox with their color tone and brightness? Tired of this being a problem and wanting this feature to come out now for many months.

Agree, I hate having to use ColorCorrectionEffect to possibly change the skybox into different themes of color as I have to use it for environmental purposes and making the game not dull and grey but rather colors having more of an contrast into them. I don’t want to have my skybox be contrasted as well because it already has a nice touch with the atmosphere and theme of the game, don’t want to adjust myself to a perfect tone for my game.

Couldn’t agree more, having more properties and adjustments to the skybox can be a game-changer for most developers that don’t have to worry about ColorCorrectEffect affecting the skyboxes with contrasts and brightness.

Overall, the ability to modify skyboxes with unique properties and behaviors is something I would enjoy a lot instead of using Lighting properties such as ColorCorrectionEffect or BloomEffect. I mean I can still handle the way ColorCorrectionEffect effects the skybox but not all the time when making a showcase or editing lighting in my game.

Anywho, I hope this could get some overhaul with how skyboxes look in the future and maybe something we all might like? :derp: