Additional Game Management in Roblox Studio

Hey everyone,

Today, I’m excited to announce a variety of additions to Game Settings in Roblox Studio. These additions include a new monetization tab, edit places, create places, and more!

You can access all of this in more by going to RibbonBar > Home > Game Settings.


With the addition of this new tab you can now configure Paid Access & VIP Servers. Additionally you can create, and modify the basic information of Developer Products. To add more information, you will still be required to go to the web page.


This new tab will allow you to easily create new places, and edit them. Additionally, you can access Version History from here. This is in addition to Version History being available in the Asset Manager by right-clicking on a place.


We have also added an additional button in Options to enable you to shutdown all servers for your game directly from within Roblox Studio.


You won’t be able to see it, but it’ll be there. We are spending a significant chunk of time improving the overall stability of Game Settings. Even though it’s behind the scenes, you will begin to see a lot less strange errors and issues.

Over the next few weeks we will rollout these changes which will improve your experience as you use Game Settings.


This is just the beginning of a complete overhaul of game configuration/management. As always we look forward to your feedback. Please post any issues you experience in this thread.

Note: None of the items here will be removed from the website at this time.

Of course, I want to give a huge shoutout to the team that made this happen: @zDedrid, @robloxtuesdays0611, @Subcritical_alt, @tamtamchu, @aNewMoose, @smoothiecriminals, @iriszh


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This doesn’t include any sort of VIP servers for paid access games? How disappointing…

Maybe in the future?
At least developers don’t have to use the sad place configuring web interface anymore.


Interesting, This will be super useful! Can’t wait to see improvements in the future. Now we won’t have to hop from studio to website and vice versa just to configure a few settings. It’ll be so much easier.

Thanks to the people who created this.

Can you add an option to make the window larger? Usually this is implemented using a triangle at the bottom right corner and dragging it to the desired size. It would make adding descriptions much easier.

Looks like this:


And will we ever be able to manage gamepasses from the monetization menu? Currently this doesn’t seem possible. Only developer products are currently manageable.

Thank goodness you guys added the recommended resolution sizes. I use to have to search up the sizes for icons and thumbnails every time I wanted to update one. I couldn’t ever remember the raios. (This is particular in the one post I bookmarked.)


Options are always nice! We should always be able to edit it from the website. When I’m on a Chromebook, and can’t open studio, I would at least be able to manage all these things from the website. Glad it’s not being replaced.

Happiness noises


Hurray! These are definitely my most used features on the website, great thing I don’t have to leave Studio anymore. Looking forward to the next shipped features.

Thanks to those who worked on this!


Finally a fresh new UI for all the Developer Products

Thank you team, I’ve always disliked how those components looked previously. Didn’t expect to get a whole monetization tab though! :pray: :scream:



I’m excited, but also excited that we don’t have to waste an extra 10-25 minutes getting developer products or going into the configure page, instead, we can just go to the game settings and do it there, saving us time for us developers! With the paid access feature with the developer products, that will be handy in just a couple of seconds. :+1:


This is a great feature for my upcoming project, Noob Defense, since I need to shutdown servers for a lot of new features and bug fixes for my testers and users playing the game, I’ll give that a big thumbs up!

Anyway, thank you Roblox!


How do I thank you people without sounding unappriciative? This is going to make things so much easier!


This does make things a whole lot easier for developer products instead of the longer route of going to the actual game and creating a new product.

However, just another thing - I’ve noticed that some UGC hats have given discounts for those that are signed onto premium, will this also be a feature for developers that are say… selling gamepasses and products?


This is such a time saver, no need to do it all in the website m.


Awesome! Now I don’t have to burn my eyes when making developer products.

These items shouldn’t be removed from the website. You should be able to configure your game on both website and studio!


Finally I will be able to create developer products without needing to go to the website, this makes things easier including to script them! The other things are also good since it makes things way easier to do.

This additional game management is now so much easier than ever before. Thank’s roblox.

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This makes things a LOT more convenient for developers, an update we appreciate.

Gone are the days of switching between between web, studio, web, studio, web.


Are there going to be some settings for changing the Chat? I know that you can do it by copying the ChatScript and then change the settings from there, but it use to be easier by just changing it in the Game Settings on the webpage.


Since that there are new tabs, can we bring back the chat bubble/both/classic options? I opened a feature request, but posting it here so it might be added quicker.

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to switch between Bubble, Classic & Both chat.
Roblox used to have this option in their game options menu but sadly ditched it.

The only way that worked for me was to fork the chat and changing manually the values, however, that means I won’t get chat updates, which is very annoying.

Also, young developers may not be able to change this by themselves.

It’d be nice to have this setting back.


We literally posted at the same moment about this! I wrote a feature request, it’s getting through Post Approval.

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I’m sure if the website was a person, she’d be extremely jelly! The UI looks better, and oh man, it’s much faster to edit.

We all know who’s gonna win this one. :wink:

Anyways, I have some feedback (about the window in general, and this update):

1. The on/off multiple-choice seem a little odd to me when you can just replace them with switches. image I mean, it makes sense for when there are options other than just on/off like the Avatar Tab.

2. I think we should be able to resize the columns inside of Places. Right now, it truncates at “TheCarbyneUniverse’s Place…” and can’t tell the number afterward without editing every single one. The place version column can easily be less wide, making room for the place name column.

3. Some places need some margin. It’d make it look less cramped and be a little more pleasing to look at:

Robux icon is rubbin’ against the text!

The multiple-choice is too close to the text at the left.


Tab titles are too close to the top of the window.

Specifically for the jump section, the text boxes are too short for the font and shorter than the other text boxes in general.

4. Similar to how the save button is highlighted when you try to close studio without saving, the “No” button should be highlighted when it asks to discard all changes:


IK #3 and #4 were quite a nitpick, but I’m the UI reviewer!

Nevertheless, love this update,
Keep it up, Roblox! :roblox: :roblox_light:


Thanks for making my life ten times easier!