Advanced Combat System: Official Releases


Welcome to the official releases page for Advanced Combat System.

This is the official release page for ACS where you will be able to find links to official releases of ACS gun engine.

Official Release Links:

  1. ACS 2.0.1 - Official Release - Roblox
  2. ACS 2.0.0 - Official Release (R15) - Roblox
  3. ACS 1.8.0 - BETA Release - Roblox
  4. ACS 1.7.7 - Official Release - Roblox
  5. ACS 1.7.6 (Hotfix) - Roblox
  6. ACS 1.7 - Official Release - Roblox

Miscellaneous Release Links:

  1. ACS 2.0 - Operator Pack - Roblox
  2. ACS Guns 1.7
  3. ACS Grenades - Roblox

ACS Helpline - Extra Assistance:

If you do require extra assistance, please visit the link stated below:
[ACS] Advanced Combat System | Roblox's #1 FPS Combat System

Extra Notes:

This page will be updated from time to time whenever there is a new official release of a newer version of ACS, however you are advised to visit the link above to learn more about ACS.

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