Advice for first Roblox game

the voice actor have 12k kills, he is a human? i have 4k by playing daily.

edit: put leaderboards, i want to know if people apart from you can complete the game.

me and the voice actor somehow ruined a server, reset character didnt worked. (he left to erase this server)

Haha is he a human? Yes, though I wish I could code a bot that good. :slight_smile:

It looks like it potentially bugged out on a loss? Could you describe what happened leading up to the bug happening?

edit The bug happened again I think on the active server and I could see why it was caused. When I moved the death sounds to be under an enemy part (so that the sound is 3d) I forgot to check to make sure the enemy part still existed before activating the sound. I’ll push that fix with the new lobby update.

you can fix it? nice, i think we losed like 10-20 gems but they are easy to get. also, can you change the system of money? (getting money per damage, not kills) like in tower battles. when i play with the voice actor i probably get 20% or less money

Solid work on the game so far, I’ve returned to play it a lot more than I would expect to for a DevForum game.


I updated to v0.53 which has the new lobby that contains many changes based on developers here. I really like the Roblox terrain system for its performance and ease of use.

I spent about 6000 robux advertising the game and got about 1400 clicks from it. I don’t think the game is that good because the player count dropped off once the advertising was finished. It seems not many people want to come back to the game once they have a taste of it, though some players seem to really like it and play it for many hours I guess it is just a very niche game.

I actually really like the game, I played for an hour or so. Its really addicting but you should add a tutorial that shows how to get into the game and how to upgrade so it would throw people into the game so theyre not so quick to leave. If your ads only got a small amount of initial clicks you need to make your ads appeal to more people. Its a really good first game and I think you could get a lot more players.

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Is a CTR of 0.14% bad for roblox? I have no experience with what is good or bad on that front.

You should go for a 1.00% CTR, that’s what I read anyway.

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I like the game, but i’d make the cave (where you spawn) a bit smaller, and more decorated.

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i really like the game, but. you could make multiple lobby? (3) i like the game but play with the guy that never talks and just break the “zig zag” is a bit annoying

Is it normal that when you search for your game name, in this case “Dragon Defense” that your game doesn’t come up? I’m getting test servers with 0 players in my search results and nothing from my game. Is it because it was only released a week ago?

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Actually, many people have been reporting this on the main announcement. Improvements to Game Search Ranking

Hmm I see. I also have the same problem with my group “Binary Divine” . I cannot find my game or group in any of the search results and I went many pages deep. Is there some setting I have to enable to have my game and group searchable? It is a big problem if someone tells their friend about my game and they literally cannot find it.

Not that I know of. I also actively asked for improvements to group search too, its completely wacked but haven’t gotten any reply.

That is what I replied to the post.

Yes I have the same problem. It is quite an odd problem, you would think the search results would give you something close to what you searched at least.


I followed up with support on this and haven’t really got a satisfactory answer on it. If you search on google for DRAGON DEFENSE ROBLOX I am the number one result. Even my changelog is above any other game. Currently my game is unsearchable, I cannot find it by searching for any term on the roblox site.

Due to our complex algorithm, we are not able to guarantee a game will make it to the first page of search results for any given search term. We request you to please read the following help article for general information about how to make your Roblox game popular:

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i got a CTR of 0.54% by one ad of 400 robux. (my profile with a text to join my group) it got 250 clicks and 30 members for my group

I have a CTR of just over 1% for a USER AD, and get somewhere between 0.08 and 0.14% CTR for a sponsored game. I tried numerous game icons and nothing seemed to help the success rate of sponsoring the game.

It is weird when you spend 35000+ robux on sponsoring a game and it gets beaten out by 2000 robux worth of user ads.

Also, Dragon Defense is now searchable in Roblox, it is second for “dragon defense” which I don’t really care about because at least now it is searchable! As is the group Binary Divine. I’m not sure what metrics changed to get it to be able to be searched for or if the algorithm has changed. I also wonder if the low CTR of the sponsored game had something to do with it being unsearchable before, not sure. I’ll try again in the future.