Improvements to Game Search Ranking

I got a question about this. How come despite having better ratings, more players, and being older, that our game “Project Ghoul” is behind another game in the sort? The only thing we’re behind is total play count, but does that affect it that much?


Our revenue also surpasses it as far as we can tell from public data.

Sadly, I don’t think this update is living up to it’s standards. When I saw that it might have been fixed, I right away searched my game to see if it finally wasn’t hidden under all the spam. But I found out quickly this update did nothing to search ranking for my game, C h a i n $ Aesthetic Homestore.

I tried 3 queries. The first was ‘Homestore.’ I wasn’t expecting much, but I could not see it. In fact, I saw unrelated content instead of my game.

Next, I went ahead and tried ‘Aesthetic Homestore.’ This was where it became quite shocking. At first, I saw relaed content, but not our game. I saw games that also had the name Aesthetc Homestore in it. But then, many games did not have it in the name nor the description. My game has it in both. These games also had nothing to do with aesthetic, such as Gucci, Glo Homestore, Aesthetic Dorm House, and Goobers Homestore.

Finally, I decided to do something most people wouldn’t even do: I searched up the name directly. And I didn’t see the game. At all. Instead I saw the same type of content that I would see if I just searched up Aesthetic Homestore; mostly relevant, but a lot of spammy content without the search term in it at all.

This is very frustrating, as we are almost stuck in a loop; we need 50+ concurrent players to get featured, but you cannot find our game through organic search. I would love to have someone help fix this.

@zooweemama911, I have seen you helping people, I would love to get in touch to help work this out.

Please contact me if you would like more info,
FxllenCode. :slight_smile:

My game Tower Battles got hit terribly by this… I don’t know why specifically, but it no longer shows up in search results at all and doesn’t even appear on the popular page anymore even though it has good ratings, and about ~4,000 concurrent players and ~360million total visits. The only way to possibly find my game anymore is by going to my profile and manually clicking on the game, or by following friends/recently visited places… It’s otherwise impossible to find on the website…

If you search ‘tower battles,’ it’s nowhere to be found.


Is there no way you could introduce some sort of “Verified” to games, as opposed to making the icon bigger for a specific result. I searched for “dungeon quest” and the dungeon quest icon was the normal size so it seems like the search criteria is very narrow/specific.

Edit: some games just don’t show, full stop.


Just to add to this thread.

None of my games make an appearance in the Roblox search, even though they have fairly high visit counts, likes, and favorites.


Next is improving the group search? I hope…?

Last time I checked it was still the same, when searching for a group it gives you irrelevant groups as a result, especially with small groups.

Example: Searching up my friends small studio, Excelsior Development Studio, it gives this: Search results for Excelsior Development Studio. These groups have absolutely no similarity except that they are other studios. Keywords, similar titles, none match with my search.

Group link for reference: Excelsior Development Studio


This Is A Great Feature So We Can Find The Games Were Looking For.

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Amazing update! I’ve seen this problem when searching for a game. Now I can find my game easier without having completely opposite games pop up. :grinning:

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Hello developers.
When providing feedback on search please make sure you include the link to your game along with the search query.

That will help us debug the problem and resolve your concern.

Thank you.


It’s nice to see when I search up “Summer” I don’t get “SUPER MEGA ULTRA EASY OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY” or “OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY” lol


Hi! I have done all of these features, am I supposed to receive a message from an admin?

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Sorry I did not include that information.
Here is the link to my game:
The search query works fine for my account, but certain accounts my game does not appear at all in the popular page, or in the search results at all. For example when trying to show my game to a friend, my game was nowhere to be found on roblox by them, and the only way they could find it was by going to my profile, and then creations tab.
Here is a separate post where i describe the issue more: Game does not show up in game's page or search?


Hello. I used to see my game Bomberz on the top of the page when searching it, but recently I tried to search it with the exact same title “Bomberz”, with no emojis or special characters, but what I end up seeing is hundreds of clones of the game Super Bomb Survival and games that doesn’t even mention the word bomb on neither the title nor the description, most of those games being titled (killer.Name… “the killer”).

YAAAS! I was always confused how the searching worked it was always just a couple of popular and random games😁

When searching for “Dragon Defense” in quotes my game does not come up at all, even after many pages. My game name is literally Dragon Defense and currently people have no way of getting their friends into the game outside of a direct link.

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Hello, I have still not received a response from an engineer on this, I had included all of the necessary information. A response would be greatly appreciated!

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that’s a good start, but it’s still missing the search for the actual title, or per owner, i used to search up my name, and have all my places listed, this is no longer the case and i get obscure “minecraft”-likes

*generally, searching anything that involve my games “SuperSpleef” or “Ninja Worlds”, they just don’t exist on the search results…

Searching for Bomberz roblox on google gives your game as the #1 result. It is the same with my game “Dragon Defense roblox” on google gives my game as the first result. This means there is little “keyword” contention for our games yet Roblox is still not showing them when you search for our games.

I understand in my case if a user searches for ‘Dragon’ that my game at this stage should not be anywhere close to the top. But a direct hit on my game title should show my game near the top at the very least. Games should not be unsearchable if you know the name of the game.


Probably one of the biggest flaws in the current system is that it doesn’t search up by the name, it just takes the words in your search querry, like High, or Noon, and Royale High and Robloxian High School come up.


I wish they would revert the search to 2016. I remember in 2016, it would look like this: (High Noon Hijack didn’t exist yet. I had an embarrassing game that I wish to keep hidden for now. )

Edit: When I released my game in 2018, Jail City (My game) would come up first. Now this fake mad city game comes up 3rd

What comes up first? Jailbreak.
The real Jail City is no where to be found there.

Edit 2:
High Noon Hijack just got …

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