AI Driven Insights Tab on Dashboard

Due to the signal to noise ratio on Group Walls, Roblox developers are often forced to find feedback through 3rd party solutions, such as Discord community polls/threads, YouTube videos or creating their own in-game feedback ticket system. None of these solutions are ideal as they often impose biases or take a lot of work to build properly.

If Roblox were able to create an AI Insights tab on the creator dashboard (concept image below), developers would be able to gain a valuable understanding from the often tens of thousands of legitimate feedback messages provided on the group wall that would otherwise be unreadable due to post spam.

The most valuable feedback an AI Insights tool could provide Developers is generalized player sentiment on a number of topics such as:

  • Game balance
  • Favorite features
  • Frustrating features
  • Most requested updates
  • Most severe bugs

Additionally, AI Insights could be expanded upon to provide a player-focused synopsis of the game’s reviews, similar to how Amazon generates AI summaries of product reviews. Platforms worldwide are adopting AI chat tools and Roblox deserves to be at the forefront of it.


Really good idea; can’t belive no one thought of this!

So close!

I really would like this feature as it would be very helpful in improving my game. Just like the error report did!

AI driven insights tab isn’t a bad idea but one step at a time :sweat_smile:


I believe a more insightful and less expensive/hacky way to gather this kind of feedback would be dislike surveys.

Let developers configure a survey that would be shown to players who dislike the game. This info would then be reflected in the analytics where feedback can be broken down to platform, version, etc.

Using likes/dislikes on its own would also be a good metric for Engagement, so we can dive deeply into the cause of a like/dislike. It’s a really insightful metric while being just a button.

Can eventually branch this into a separate feature request.