AI Scripter - Type in a prompt and the AI will generate a working script for you!


What is AI Scripter?

AI Scripter is an artificial-intelligence plugin that allows you to enter prompts and generate working scripts from those prompts. Generations usually take less than 10 seconds, however longer or more complicated prompts may increase the generation time.

How does it work?

The plugin uses an API service to generate roblox lua scripts from prompts that a user has typed in. This doesn’t cost you anything right now (it may in the future, depending on API call pricing).

What scripts can it generate?

You can generate many different scripts using this plugin. Note that although many of the scripts you generate will work immediately, some might need to be edited a bit before they work. This is because the AI model may not be able to properly write your script. Usually, you can edit your prompt to fix this, and edits to the script take less than a minute most of the time.

DISCLAIMER: I do not run the AI model and so I cannot guarantee that the scripts generated by the plugin will work every time. I have tested this plugin and found that many prompts result in working scripts, but note that I cannot guarantee it.

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Can you post the link to the plugin/source code?

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This is 800 robux. You cannot post paid plugins in #resources. Move it to #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback.


I dont get why people think ai scripters are even slightly useful - they basically give you the same info as googling it.
Like its very clever and everything… but i dont think chat gpt is gonna change anything except make cheap crap even more buggy and generic…
Even with art - yeah its clever and looks good, but i can spend an hour drawing what is in my head or i can 6 hours fiddling with parameters to get something that i didnt want at all…


I agree, however, it’s a little bit different.

ChatGPT basically searches it up for you and you don’t have to spend time scrolling and looking for the right result.

I’ve found out that while it’s not super good with Roblox code, it can give you some complex math formulas pretty easily.


Agreed - its a good search engine - its just its not what everyone is hyping it up to be - its not going to replace anything except google and buzzfeed… and tbh good riddance…



I just released an update for this plugin, which allows you to enter your own API key to make requests. This is because the plugin was currently using a standardized key which had reached the maximum request limit. You can visit OpenAI API to create an API key. Copy it and enter it into the prompt in the plugin to continue making requests.

Thank you.

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Why should we use this over something like ChatGPT? This cost a whapping 800 Robux.

And I do understand that plugins like these take a lot of time to make, but 800 robux for something that I can get free in various ways? Sorry man, but I don’t think many people will get this.

no they don’t take a lot of time to make, he makes a singular api request to chatpgt and that’s the entire plugin.

Why is everyone thinking about AIs?
This thing is literally useless, it’s as easy as asking ChatGPT, and with Generative AI (which is useless too) this is even more useless, why is everyone going with AIs?

Roblox made their own version, you can enable it in beta features.

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Well that just makes this pluging even crazier O.O

Didnt even know that…

Why is this 800 Robux!?

All you have to do is create a FREE OpenAI accout, and boom I can use an AI chatbot.

Why should I pay 800 Robux for something I can get for free? Please explain, I am genuinely curious.

It’s just a quick way for scummy people to make money. Notice how everyone is jumping in the AI bandwagon all of the sudden? I don’t have a problem with AI, I use it everyday, but for something that’s free, charging 10 USD is absolutely ridiculous.

Ooh cool anothe plugin that makes http requests :scream::scream::scream:. OMG new innovation!1!1!1!1!:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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look ma, i made an http request and priced it at 800 robux