Task Manager - Modern To-Do List Plugin

Introducing Task Manager

Modern to-do list for all your development needs


Task Manager is an elegant, simple, and easy-to-use to-do list plugin. Create new tasks and mark them completed as you develop. Updates are frequent, and you can suggest new features / improvements.

Why use Task Manager?

Task Manager is designed to be user-intuitive and as friendly as possible. The plugin supports both light and dark mode and simple controls.

Usage guide

Clicking a task → Shows available actions for a task. This includes deleting a task.
Tapping enter → Finished typing? Press enter to create this task.



Are you planning to add support for --TODO: /--FIXME comments?

very cool plugin but i dont have any money to buy it lol

Can you explain me why your plugin costs 105 robux, when theres is thousands of plugins like that?

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It’s probably his first plugin and doesn’t know how to value stuff I guess

Simple, Nice UI and useful but not worth being a paid plugin.