Task Manager - Modern To-Do List Plugin

Introducing Task Manager

Modern to-do list for all your development needs


Task Manager is an elegant, simple, and easy-to-use to-do list plugin. Create new tasks and mark them completed as you develop. Updates are frequent, and you can suggest new features / improvements.

Why use Task Manager?

Task Manager is designed to be user-intuitive and as friendly as possible. The plugin supports both light and dark mode and simple controls.

Usage guide

Clicking a task → Shows available actions for a task. This includes deleting a task.
Tapping enter → Finished typing? Press enter to create this task.


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Are you planning to add support for --TODO: /--FIXME comments?

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very cool plugin but i dont have any money to buy it lol

Can you explain me why your plugin costs 105 robux, when theres is thousands of plugins like that?


It’s probably his first plugin and doesn’t know how to value stuff I guess

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Cool module and all fam (personally, i dig the simplistic ui), but 105 robux for it? Nah, that’s a no-go especially when there are free and better alternatives like Trello or Codecks which (though not on ROBLOX) provide more features, flexibility and accessibility. If I were you I’d just make it free and prolly add a donation link.


there’s no reason to waste 105 robux on this plugin, There are thousands of plugins like that, and there are better alternatives


I was about to get this plugin, but then i saw the price…

I have to point out that your making it sound like 105 robux is worth a lot knowing how high the roblox tax is.


I would like to clarify that I know that you have probably worked hard on the plugin.
Still, I think pricing it 105 robux is a bit weird so I haven’t bought your plugin.
Honestly, as I see it, this plugin is not better or smarter than just opening a notepad on my computer or using a free alternative.

Okay, but what could you improve?

Well, here are my ideas: (if you haven’t added them already)

  • Ways to customize tasks: coloring them, changing font style, etc.
  • Add a searchbar!
  • Light theme, for light mode users
  • Update this devforum post: add more screenshots and write more details about what your plugin can do and can’t do. Also what you plan to add in the future
  • When you click on a task, show the name of the user who created (or modified?) the task. This would help Team Create users.

These are just few ideas to make your plugin stand out more, and also make it worth it’s price.

Oh, and a marketing tip! When you are done adding some of the features I mentioned, make the plugin free for (let’s say) 3 days! This way, your plugin will get a small userbase and they will provide feedback to you. After the 3 days have passed, you can add a price tag to your plugin!

That’s all I wanted to say.
Have a great day!

This would be insanely useful if it works in teamcreate.