Notify - Elegant, simple, and customizable notification framework


Notify is a notification framework that allows developers to send actionable notifications to players. Notify provides an API for easy integration into any Roblox experience.

Includes sound effects, they just aren’t in the video.


  • Clean and modern design

    • Notify utilizes a dark theme across all notifications. It uses banner colors to indicate the type of notification, such as warnings or alerts.
  • Actionable notifications

    • Developers can choose to add callback functions to any notification, allowing for additional functionality. For example, a notification could be clicked on to open up a specific UI element within a Roblox experience.
  • Lightweight and non-intrusive

    • Notifications are small and easy to read. The theme is consistent across all notifications served by Notify. Sounds are quiet and can be disabled.


NotifyModule.notify(text, notificationType) Returns nil Serves a notification to the client with the specified text and type.

NotificationType String Three notification types are included in Notify: Info, Warning, and Alert. These come with their own unique banner colors and notification sounds. You can add custom notification types by modifying the table in the module.


Add Notify to your Roblox experiences. Click here to get it on the Roblox Marketplace.

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This is not a good resource, and here are things that prove that this isnt a good resource:

  1. The animation is not good.
  2. UI design is awful
  3. Don’t shrink on closing but make it slide.
  4. It lacks many features like buttons and sounds etc.

I would say that you add these features if you want to compete with others.


I’m pretty sure that this could be purposefully that simplistic?

I don’t really have much to say about this, seems really simplistic for Developers to edit on.

May be useful to other Developers out there.

It actually has sound effects, they just aren’t in the video.

In the case of buttons, the actual notification is clickable - and developers can specify what happens on click through the API.

Could you please elaborate?

Alright my bad then. But it should still have the ability for 2 buttons.

The design like its simple a gray background with a red bar and some text. It should have a title a small description some buttons a red or any color bar and a X button to close notification. With a hover animation.

It’s meant to be simplistic and highly customizable. Notifications are automatically dismissed after a short period and you can easily add the click to dismiss functionality via the callback function. There are hover animations for the notifications that are clickable.

Thanks for your feedback.

I would think that the resource is more useful because of it’s code, and not for it’s UI design. It’s made to be customizable so you can change the UI without issues. You’d have to change it anyways to fit the style of your game.

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