AIB🤖 v1.20 (PLUGIN⛏️) AI Chat Bot [⏬120+]

It was like this until version 1.10

Tomorrow there will be two updates instead of today

ok, i’m not new, i joined roblox from 2 years and joined devforum from one year, and i don’t troll you, i just found this thing here.

correct friend… I’m not criticizing him, I’m teaching him so that at the moment of making a topic he doesn’t make a mistake… besides, common sense is not enough to say that; It is something that must be analyzed well, and give a concrete answer and if you start to see he did not say anything, he is more intelligent to learn from his mistakes and put them into practice … he complained ??
He continued with his point of view. I just gave you a suggestion
edit: and please instead of making multiple posts do: @p49p0 to not make multiple posts

What I meant was that the user that posted the “thing” you mentioned there because it looked like a bacon-hair, go view the topic to see what I was talking about. I wasn’t talking about you. Plus, if you view the topic over there you can see many people with me sharing the same opinion that this is a very new account. I am sorry that you got the wrong opinion and I didn’t mean for you to take that from my low detailed statement. I was trying to mention how that resource is a bit sketchy because of the user that posted that topic.
I know that you are not new from a quick look at your profile and that you are a fairly respected dev. But the user that posted that “thing” you mentioned had a almost brand new bacon-hair like profile with not many posts and an account that does not look like a legit developer.

Of course I am no moderator, nor did I ever mention you saying anything bad.

But here’s the problem:
You’re nitpicking on unnecessary, completely irrelevant situations and turning them into a big deal. How so, you ask? Let’s dig into this problem a little deeper.

First of all, you’re trying to tell people how they should talk. Proof:

Just because I’ve posted more than once does not make me a spammer. Besides, there’s no rule in the guidelines against posting multiple times. Everyone has the right to post however they please as long as they’re following the guidelines, so that’s absolutely none of your business.

Secondly, you’re trying to convince other people that their feedback is meaningless in a way. Proof:

Sometimes people don’t have enough money for certain things or do not wish to spend it for a few reasons. Maybe they think a certain product may not be ready or is not worth the asking price. And just because they didn’t spend their valuable money on a certain product doesn’t mean their opinion is completely worthless. So it’s not up to you to judge others for not wanting to spend their money on a certain product.


Not a very good argument. Anyone has the right to talk to whoever they want to. If you think otherwise then… that’s your problem, not ours.

The DevForum is a place for developers to share ideas, get inspired and receive feedback. In no way am I trying to argue with you, I’m just trying to tell you that you’re not the only person here and that other people see this world differently, and that’s something that each of us should respect.

Also, please keep it professional. The DevForum is not a place to argue.

As stated in the official community guidelines, it is important to be polite.

Just in any case, here is a link to the official community guidelines if you have any doubts:

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Hey! I was inspired by your plugin, that I decided to create my own version of it!




Why would people pay robux to use fake when you already have the original?

From now on the plugin was updated every week or so to have bigger updates

You see he was going to, but the minimum plugin is 100 robux

“minimum?” he put 45 robux over the minimum price :skull:. he even lies about the plugin

And you can use Roblox’s new upcoming feature with AI soon.

I think it will take a long time and I also think it will cost money



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why would it cost money exactly? it’s not a plugin. Though there may or may not be restrictions to who can use it. And, I understand why it’s paid as there are more “features”, but as it stands, it’s still ChatGPT, there’s no modifications to the AI overall, other than shortening the prompt to a certain degree. If you are actually modifying the AI to make in better in one way or another, then it’ll even be understandable to even put R$1000 as the price. This more or less goes for most plugins that’s trying to feed off ChatGPT. This does not mean that you should stop working on it, if you put effort into something, continue to improve it.

Using microphone input with a plugin is possible as I have done before while making a voice assistant plugin. But it does require a fairly unknown way of input that I am keeping to myself. This method is hard to implement and I have. In the future, I will release an AI powered plugin that does not require an OpenAI api key because the AI used in the plugin is self trained by me that does have this feature.

Currently typing this on my phone :upside_down_face:

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wth is wrong with you.

First of all I sleep (IK everyone) and also it should be free anyway. I have to buy this product to get the Bad UI then pay for chat GTP (Which you can get for free :skull: ) and also don’t put this product for > 100 robux. I won’t pay for a plugin like this. You should make it free instead of adding useless updates that your alt will go ‘OMG THIS IS BEST PDATE AN SO GOOD I WILL LOVE THIS WHEN IT’s OUT’ even though they don’t own the plugin.


Even the owner won’t pay for this :skull:

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Oh okay, i don’t really know what sometimes he say but it is a fun project and is used to make him lots of robux all of this commotion is getting him so popular but I just wanted to say that he is not english 100% and from what i see it look like it has short term memeory but i broguth the plugin and i enjoy it

as a nooby scripter i don’t know what has changed in the new Improve when i improve the script has improved but i don’t know what has changed or what it did to improve