[Ain't happening :P] Chat Filtering Live Preview

It would be cool to check which words would be censored before even sending it.
While typing, it could highlight on red words that would be hash-tagged after hitting enter.


Why would we want this? I understand the filter can be very frustrating to deal with, especially when your sentences are incorrectly filtered. But the bottom line is a feature like this shouldn’t even be considered, our goal is to make sure players don’t need to worry about incorrect filtering. Spending time and resources to implement this would mean less time and resources spent on improving the filtering system itself.

Also, this feature would make bypassing the filter incredibly easy.


We can’t add this because it would make it much easier to get around the filter.


I see your point, and I agree that it would help write inappropriate words with help of slashes, dashes etc.

While it might not be a built-in feature, the developer could make it possible already :wink: - disregarding the time it takes to wait for filtering to finish etc.


This, but not recommending that you do it :slight_smile:

In terms of policy or user experience?

Policy, since this incentivizes the wrong kind of behaviour.

Yeah - to sum up, it is possible, but bad to do - and implementing throttling on the filter wouldn’t work much in practice given that users can chat quite fast before some cooldown system gets in effect.
On the topic of filtering, however, it’s pretty weird how in-game filtering is different from website filtering - website filtering filters everything

You should take those requests on this thread instead: http://devforum.roblox.com/t/this-thread-is-the-place-to-post-review-requests-about-chat-text-filtering/25717 :grin:

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I think the filter can be pretty inconsistent like sometimes my name is allowed sometimes it’s not, sometimes I can search prison break, sometimes I can’t. This inconsistency is driving me up the wall in general.

I have an issue with this.

Let’s say that the user is writing some block of text for roleplay reasons (ie, they’re the principal of a school and they want to send out a memo to teachers or whatever). In my mind I had an idea of a “live” preview of the text so that they could fix filter false-positives as they go, but as per what you’ve just said I would now have to risk not only false positives but also the filter dismantling any formatting the user made.

How do I get around this, or how does anyone get around this sort of problem in general (not the particular issue, that’s just one I thought of right now. There are many more instances I could think of, eg writing a book in game, a role-play bio, etc) ?

In some games they charge to send out a broadcast, I would be extremely pissed if I’d paid 100R$ for this message.

“Attention students, please report to the gym for gym class. Riley would like to make an announcement”

Turn into

“########## students, please report ## ### ### for ### #####. ##### would like to make an ############”


Exactly my point, which is why I asked the question.

How can this be against policy when the filter is so unreliable and prone to false-positives?

If someone genuinely wanted to bypass the filter they would through repetition. This blanket policy just seems to hamper legitimate use cases.


Roblox is scared of getting bad press again. They’re playing it safe until they have it under control. Or it might stay like this? Who knows.

My biggest issue, is that youtube urls are blacklisted…
And i’ve mentioned it 2 or 3 times, on the filter post.
But nothing has happend.
Also it’s lacking feedback on things that is solved.

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