Albert story | All kind of developers needed

Woah. 5% to GFX Designers? That’s extremely low as a my art takes time to make and it’s odd becuase GFX is usually a one-time payment so it’s odd that your paying by percentage.

Hello @Trophane. I’m interested as a builder. My Discord Username: Prof_Aga05#2620

Hi am a very advanced modeller please add me on discord especailly if u need me to make the weapons: TheBlackGOD#9843

Hey I would like to apply!

you still need a gfx designer?

Free way to get proft. Place a youtuber in your story game. Nice.

I can do both GFX and modelling. DM on devforum for more info. I cannot send you a friend request on discord at the moment. Logimite#1015

Interested As An artist

Portfolio : XanzFX |Skilled UI Designer | Skilled Vector Artist

Twitter : StrictlyXanzii

Will there be any kinds of pre-payments to bbe sure to get some money for the work ?

Hey Trophane I want to apply for cartoony ui designer.
here’s my portfolio.

I’ll be posting another post like this to revive the project, it’ll be Called “The Upload” more will be liked below

Why do you go into every single post and say that it’s terrible payment smh. No one is getting your point if you spam the same thing in every single post.

From Composer Comission

Please reconisder spamming on every single post that has a low percentage rate and saying that you wouldn’t suggest applying.

tldr; don’t give opinions, give suggestions/facts. Your opinion isn’t gonna change the owner’s opinion if you’re not giving any reason to why you hate it/giving any suggestion to the owner. If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all.

Edit: i agree that 5/10 is way too low, but your not giving any reasons to why you think that, and any suggestions the owner should do.

Thank you.

I’m in for the Builder position. DM me on here if you want to work together and I’ll send you my discord tag. Here is my portfolio:


I’m a programmer looking for a job. I guess this fits well. I sent you a friend request.

Before I try this…May I make a simple Icon for this? (PRACTICE ONLY)

Thats not how it works in real life.

35 - 40% is a lot for a worker.

You’re supposed to give 40% to the devs and 60% for yourself in a real life scenario

Every percentage counts even to 1%

well, there is so much games that use albert in it and albert don’t seem to care he probably would love if you use him in a game and if he sees it he will prob make a vid on it idk what point you are making have you even watched flamingo…

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I am interested!

Here’s My Portfolio: [Closed] BlackTokyo13

Hey, I would like to apply for the modeler position, here is my portfolio:

Kindly have a look = )

I would happily be any type of dev. I have been on Roblox Studio for over 2 years now, and was searching for an opportunity like this. I hope I can help.

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