Allow CanUsersChatAsync To Be Used On All Servers

Currently, with the new post about the release of MessagingService, one of the suggested uses is a chat with players in other servers. As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to check if a user can see chat from a player in another server.

If you wanted to respect players’ privacy and use the Chat service correctly, you would use CanUsersChatAsync to see if the player can see the other player’s message. When you try to use this for cross-server messaging, you get an error saying “Both users must be connected to the current server”.


I believe this should be extended to the player being in the game somewhere and not just inside the server to get the most use out of this new feature and continue to respect the privacy settings another player has set. It would allow for games to respect the privacy of players if they wanted to do something like cross server messaging.


This limitation removes a lot of abilities, especially with the release of MessagingService and the option of cross server chat opening up. I totally support this error being removed altogether.

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This has always caused issues when trying to display message history too, if a player leaves and has messages in a chat, I want them to be visible to people who join later too. But this is impossible due to this limitation. I’d also love to have proper cross server communication without always having to filter it for broadcast as that can cause lots of unnecessary filtering.

I can’t think of a reason why both players must be present, but if there is a reason then I’d love to hear it. I’d love for this limitation to be removed entirely.

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