Allow developers to force all avatars to have the same height

I was playing Skyblock when I noticed someone cant get through an entrance because the doorway was too low. Yet I am fine.

The basic solution to this would be to make an option that allows the game to have the same hitbox for something such as R6 but turned off by default so that way it doesnt break any other games. This means to allow players to have their upper bodies clip through things if they’re too tall.

robloxapp-20200614-0736267.wmv (2.9 MB)

Now before you say just for him to change his size, let me remind you that Roblox is a place where people can express themselves in any appropriate way and his height includes that.

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Is this not what these sliders under Game Settings do?


Isn’t there already an option to restrict avatar scale?

EDIT: Wrote this reply 11 hours ago but didn’t post it, and now someone beat me to it- (;_;)