Allow developers to force-enable shift lock on players from script

Forcing shift lock has been asked so many times on the forum, it's not even countable, here are some:

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The list is endless. Currently the ways implemented are either outdated or very hacky. A lot of, if not all, third person shooters would have tremendous help if this were a function or similar. And not only third person shooters, also RPG games or whoever wants this.

The methods to date are either forced shift lock ALL THE TIME and no way to turn it off when players are in the lobby or something.

My idea:
have it in a function or simillar.

Enable it:

localPlayer = game.Players.LocalPlayer
localPlayer.ForcedShiftLock = true

Disable it:

localPlayer = game.Players.LocalPlayer
localPlayer.ForcedShiftLock = false

Hope you take it into consideration, thanks!