Allow Item Deletion

As of recent I have received an account ban for violating Robloxs copyright policies: More importantly I got the infamous DMCA.

There is no way to remove these assets permanently off the Roblox platform and archiving is simply for organisation purposes. If developers want to remove these potentially account-threatening assets they would have to go to a specific post which is rarely monitored and checked and hope that their assets are removed. This is hardly acceptable.

If developers were given the option to remove assets from the Roblox platform it would allow us to go in and audit these assets ourselves and remove the need for a middleman. It would also make these type of encounters with DMCAs with older assets less likely to happen and help to better improve the chances of avoiding them.


First of all, archiving is not simply for organization and Roblox Support themselves will direct you to an article to archive your assets to avoid DMCA claims. They also talk about using the archive feature to avoid DMCA claims in their post introducing the feature for such purpose. However, for assets that can’t be archived there used to be an email you could contact to remove your content, but it is now unable for some reason. I agree that this process should be improved and information about how to remove your content should be more accessible. There are still many flaws in the system such as being able to be moderated for content you can’t even edit or archive anymore, and I made a feature request to create the ability to see ALL content you can be moderated for and then remove such content. The fact our concerns haven’t been taken seriously for years is very frustrating and Roblox needs to do something to improve the system so we aren’t stuck taking the hit on unpreventable DMCA claims.