Allow Linked Scripts to be rolled back

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to roll back changes to Linked Scripts.

This is a problem because as you can see here and here, sometimes things go inexplicably wrong and can wipe a lot of source code. Both of these events would not require staff intervention to fix if users could revert updates to their own Linked Scripts.

I would love to use Linked Scripts, but currently I find them unacceptably dangerous to work with having seen how things can go wrong. Additionally, when a place is rolled back to a previous version with structure that may be different from what the Linked Script expects, unlike places, it cannot be rolled back to a version that expects an older version of the place. If the developer hasn’t kept local copies of old script versions, this could take a very long time to fix. Reliable version control in general is a necessity.

If Roblox were to address this, developers would be able to revert Linked Scripts when things go wrong, allowing them to confidently use them without fear of having accidents cripple their games.

If there are technical reasons why this is not possible, I’d appreciate knowing.

I’ve been informed that Packages as announced at RDC may be the natural solution to this issue.


Linked scripts have always been a problem for me (once I somehow managed to make a linked script with a union? not sure how that happened) and I’ve also lost a lot of code before while using them, there is a way to revert them but it only works if the asset is created in a group. There might be other ways to find the same asset but this is the only one I know.

  1. Open the group’s audit log.
  2. Select “Create Group Asset” from the actions dropdown.
  3. Find any assets with the name “Script”, these are linked scripts.
  4. Configure the asset and revert it like you would with a place.

As I said I’m not sure if there’s a way to find the same assets with linked scripts not made in a group, but yeah, a more user friendly way to do this would be a very good feature.