Allow members to access lounge

Currently, a lot of members are posting off-topic and non-development related posts in the #development-discussion category, which causes flood and encourages others to also shitpost.

If lounge was open, members would most likely stop flooding #development-discussion with off-topic posts.

Thank you.


The Lounge isn’t a dump either. Just because #development-discussion is in a bad state does not mean all that low quality gets rerouted to another category. If they do get access to Off-Topic and post like they are doing in Dev Discussion, it will be difficult to call this the Developer Forum. This idea has been brought up many times, with the same, permanent response: no.


I’m not saying it’s a dump, I’m saying that development discussion is fulled with off-topic posts, which would fit in lounge.

Sure, then everybody would come to the Developer Forum and use it as a public forum, and ruin the whole purpose of the Developer Forum.
Just use Discord or other communication sites to chat, instead of opening #lounge.


It would pretty much remove the forum’s purpose. There is an unofficial Roblox forum somewhere (the fact that it’s unofficial may kind of influence this) and everything is open to the public. People are spamming things like “what did you guys have for lunch today” or “what should I do when im bored”.

If #lounge was opened to members, it would also become this sort of “#spam” category. The mindset behind the lounge, back when PA still existed, was that you have to earn it somehow. You had to be active in the actual development section in order to chat about other topics.

Since PA is no more, you can’t become a regular anymore and therefore can’t earn it. You have to do virtually nothing to become a member, and allowing this would basically make the #lounge category public.

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The solution to rule breaking material is not to allow it to be posted; it’s to actually enforce the rules, like we’re doing now. This would set a poor precedent. Also, the lounge category has no place on a development-related forum. It should be removed, not made accessible to more users.


No, Lounge should just be deleted. It’s not relevant to development. Users can use Discord servers and other social media for casual talk.


No, besides once the regular promotions are back, I think roblox will lock #development-discussion.

What is/was the point of lounge? People can just use Discord

Lounge should not be removed as you’d be deleting topics which may come into relevance later, no matter if they’re development related or not. You’d be deleting tons of archives of information, something I am 100% against. I almost never delete anything for future reference and for sentimentality’s sake, from photos to messages on Discord. Please, never delete any categories ever…


You can have the casual conversations on a Discord server you own instead so the information is entirely in your control. Roblox shouldn’t be keeping off-topic categories around for the sake of sentimentality – only a very small percentage of the forum uses Lounge and it’s not useful at all to most forum users.

I recommend keeping a copy of any old threads in Lounge you somehow can’t bear to lose if you haven’t yet and then moving any casual conversation not related to development to another platform.