Allow Members to make topics in Talent Hub Features

Currently, only Regulars can make topics in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features , which makes the category’s topic listings really thin. As Members, we can reply, but I feel like Roblox Staff isn’t reading through the replies at all.

We need Members to be able to post in Talent Hub Features. So many of us have been affected by the loss of #collaboration and it’s unfair that we’re not able to post in Talent Hub Features. Many of us aren’t able to get work anymore because of both the loss of Collaborations and the fact that because we can’t make requests for Talent Hub, what we need to fix that never gets added.

It’s upsetting! Roblox Staff seems to be outright ignoring replies in existing topics, as well as ignoring Talent Hub and Collaborations feedback entirely, and don’t look to us as if they’re fixing anything at all. Talent Hub is borderline unusable.

Not allowing Members to post to Talent Hub Features is effectively ignoring our opinions, too! Ranking up to Regular is very difficult, let alone Member! We shouldn’t have to be ranked up to post there.
It feels like it’s a deliberate act to avoid criticism about Talent Hub.


Actually they’ve replied to many of the topics and made an announcement highlighting key concerns.

Edit: Looking through the topics just now, they’ve replied to most if not all topics made.

As for granting members access, while I do believe everyone should be able to provide feedback, I feel this would lead to a flood of random and useless requests which ironically would make it harder for staff to read feedback because then they have to filter through duplicate and spam requests.


From the OP of one of the threads in Talent Hub Features. Staff isn’t reading new replies and changing opinions. Sure, they’ve responded to most threads, but not very recently.

As for random and useless requests, they’re just par for the course? May as well close off the other feedback forums to Members for the same reason if that’s the case.
Hot take, but duplicates are good because they tell you the biggest problems the userbase has and what you should prioritize.

Talent Hub’s been out for a while and they could’ve fixed a few of the major issues we have with it by now. Or, yknow, they could’ve kept Collaborations open until Talent Hub functioned properly like we asked them to.

I’m not going to really go into this deeper because well none of us are staff so we can’t say what has or hasn’t been read, all we do know is they have replied to most threads and we can interpret that.

They all are closed off to members.

I mean if the goal is to get more attention to key issues, flooding the topic with useless / impossible / duplicates will work against that goal. I looked through the category and most key issues mentioned in various posts have been covered by regulars.

I may be stupid. I didn’t know the other Feedback boards were closed off.
Still, because of how broken Talent Hub is and how many people the sudden switch to it and shutdown of Collaboration its affected, I think they should open the forum to Members.

The main issue is that only a very thin amount of Talent Hub’s issues have been addressed in its board, and us Members have to talk about our problems with it in Dev Discussion and staff rarely will look in/respond to those threads (if not to close and unlist them).

So many of us currently are unable to get work because of Talent Hub’s bugs, and we can’t get a say in.