All forum users should have a path forward to be able to post in feature requests

To everybody replying, please stop bumping this topic. It’s old and Roblox is working on it.

Do not do this, they’ll get to your report eventually. It’s slow, but constantly bumping it is not the way.


We want to improve the way we intake feature requests first. Currently the response rate to feature requests is low on our end due to various problems that we’re planning to address. E.g. one of them being that the format in which we request problems from you is not that great, it makes it hard for us to respond, as well as that it’s sometimes hard for you to understand what is a bug or a missing feature.

Being able to post but not get the response you’re looking for is not a great experience. So we want to fix the process there first before allowing more people to post there.

However, main priority for now is fixing up the bug reports flow and eventually improving accessibility here since being able to file bug reports and having them addressed reliably if they are high priority, is more impactful on your day-to-day development.


Makes sense. We only see what’s happening on the surface as we cannot see what goes on behind closed doors. As a systems software engineer myself, I do understand the importance of workflow and procedure. I noticed lately that I’ve been having a great experience with reporting bugs, so the efforts to improve on the part of Roblox hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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@Hooksmith any updates on this?


We’re much closer to being able to expand access to bug reports and have been focusing our efforts around improvements in this area for now. For feature requests we realized we need to do a lot more investigation and process changes for this to scale properly (see discussion above).


Hi folks, I retitled the thread from “Members should be able to post in regular areas, until regular promotions come back” to “All forum users should have a path forward to be able to post in feature requests” after discussing with DarkPixlz in DM. Thanks DarkPixlz for accommodating!

In recent history we have solved many concerns mentioned originally on this thread:

  • We have turned on the ability for everyone to reply to #updates:release-notes.
  • For #bug-reports, after spending a lot of time and effort internally to scale up how we handle bugs across Roblox’s product engineering teams, we finally have a solution available here: The Big Bug Reporting Update.
    • Everybody here in the current topic that made a post or Liked one of the posts (as of Mar 19) has had their join request accepted if they submitted one.
    • For everybody else that participates here later than this reply, please follow the instructions in the linked announcement above on how to get your join request in. We are slowly accepting people from the backlog to make sure we don’t overwhelm internal teams, but it is our goal to clear out the backlog. It will take us some time before we’re caught up with requests so appreciate your patience here.

The remaining item is how we intake “feature request” kind of feedback from creators. This is currently still restricted to a group of people with no reasonable way to get access as a new creator coming into the forum.

In the future, we are going to revisit how this works, similar to what we did for bug reports. We are also going to take a look into if the “feature request” categories right now are working as creators expect or if we should completely overhaul how we intake non-bug-report feedback (maybe that means deprecating “feature request” categories and replacing it with something in a different form).

This is all still being discussed and there is no concrete timeline or approach in place yet, but I wanted to let you know that we are still thinking about this problem and I expect that we will solve it in the future similar to what we have done recently with bug reporting.

I also want to highlight we have done significant improvements outside of “feature requests” to give you an opportunity to comment on our roadmap and direction, with the Roblox Creator Roadmap and with AMAs (1, 2) with our engineering/product leadership.

The overall goal we have remains the same: if you have access to a Roblox feature and are an active user of the product, you should have a way forward to give us your feedback. The goal is not to restrict this, we just need to overcome any scale limitations and making the process efficient, so that we’re not just taking your feedback and then not being able to action or respond to it in a way that respects your time and effort.

Thank you so much for everyone who weighed in on this topic so far and for your patience as we work through these problems.


I don’t know exactly what this means, but I’m happy with how they work right now. Personally (this is not just limited to Roblox), I much rather prefer an open category where staff and members can share feedback, approval, or status, rather than a survey or form built in to the application (much like email support). Then at that point it’s forwarded somewhere and you have no idea what’s happening to it, or you just get a canned response in your emails. That also locks the community away from your potential idea which is a little less than ideal.

In that case, it also creates unneeded noise for everybody (10 people could want feature A, instead of going to one thread and liking it or replying with a testimonial, they all go and file one separately).

Once again this could totally all be wrong, I just interpreted “in a different form” like like when you see “Was this helpful?” on a site and can click yes or no and provide feedback there, which is likely shared internally or in an aggregated graph.

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Yes we are totally onboard with the discussion and open aspects of “feature requests” today and we will likely retain that in the current approach or whatever alternate approach we decide upon.

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Will #feature-requests be available to Members by mid-2026?
I have a really good feature request related to Robux that I will post when #feature-requests is open to members, or when I get Regular (which I never will).
Also, can you answer this question?

  • Is there a set year for when #feature-requests becomes pubiic to Members?. If so, when?

Edit: I just realized that #bug-reports is still closed. :grimacing:

See here: The Big Bug Reporting Update

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I got into a rolling wave for @AllowFeatureRequests, but I’m pretty sure request reviewing is paused atm.

Also, if you want to submit a user-facing feature request you can do that through Roblox Support

Please see The Big Bug Reporting Update as mentioned above.

No clear time frame at the moment, sorry. I hope it will be earlier than that!

Thanks to everyone that mentioned this!

Maybe by mid-late 2025?

OP is now Regular so gets the ability to post in a feature requests.
And now he tells all other members who cannot post to a feature request to not “bloat” topics and to “wait”?
How selfish could one be?


I am not being selfish, I’m just not as immature as when I wrote this thread (this is back when I called people who flagged me “linkedinners”, you can see the clear change just by scrolling up when i started arguments with other people because they didnt support this). I did not expect it to get this level of traction when I wrote it either. Since then, #forum-help:forum-features has been flooded with these threads and this topic has far derailed from what I wanted 2 years ago when I would have been 14. I added that as a warning that I no longer stand by the original topic or anything I might have said in the replies.

What I said is true though, they are working on it. They opened bug reports soon and Hooksmith has confirmed something for features is in the works too. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you to send it to customer support, the best thing you can do at the moment is wait until that update comes out.

The only current way for feature requests to be submitted, emailing support, is completely useless.

Please know we currently do not have a feature to customize your menu.

That’s why I emailed, Arich, you fool!


Send it to customer support, hell no.

I think you already know how bad Roblox support already is and I highly doubt support staff has any contact with engineers.

(although then again, I haven’t really dealt with it since the false 1 day ban and they took 5 days to respond to my emails regarding that iirc)

If you know a regular and desperately want to post a feature request, just DM a regular and see whether they post it. Don’t harass them and don’t start messaging tons of regulars. Fully in the rules somehow and I’d recommend doing that if you have any contact with a regular.

I didn’t say to do it:

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The opening of the #feature-requests category is now very important for people to solve certain urgent issues. I was directed here after my thread was closed.

How can the current situation be alleviated?
At the very least, we need to resume accepting people into the group with access to the feature-request, accepting only those who have written a reason for their entry, which will be moderated by people - yes, we will have to find people to do this.

Why leave this operation?
This will allow newcomers to avoid spamming this category, and those who are interested will learn how to do it and try to do it. And it will still give people an understanding that they are in that category, and that misspelling of where can get them banned.

Indeed, now we need to solve the problem of opening this category, which is a small part of people. And most of all, we need to clean up the members of that group.

There are real problems, and active players cannot present them, simply because “it’s not in the right category”.

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Emailing roblox support for feature requests doesn’t seem to work, as doing so only gets you told that the feature doesn’t exist, as if that’s not the entire reason you’re emailing them in the first place.