Allow members to post in Bug Reports!

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The issue.

As a Roblox Developer, i think Members should be able to post in #bug-reports. I usually encounter around 1-2 bugs on the daily. Some are new bugs, and some are frequent that happen regularly.

I have to restart my Roblox Studio around 3-4 times a day, not due to crashing but due to other bugs messing with things.

Why should Members be able to post here?

Allowing Members to post in this category would allow many more bugs to be reported, and improve the usage of Roblox as a whole.

I understand, you are potentially worried about false reporting of bugs, and trolling. But personally, i believe the DevForum moderation is perfectly capable of keeping the category civil. Not even to mention the fact that, there isn’t many issues with trollers on here anyway. Yes, there are some but they are very rare. And are usually dealt withing 1 hour, or less of the incident being reported.


Members should be able to post in #bug-reports, to support the fixing of many issues revolving the platform, that get left unseen due to our inability to post.

Not another one

Stop. making. these. topics. Please.

And several more than have been taken down.

A Staff Member has already responded to the issue.

No offense to the DevForum Moderation System, but I strongly disagree. The amount of troll and false bug reports will definitely be too much for DET.

I prefer keeping #bug-reports as clean as possible until the Staff finds a solution to open up promotions for everyone instead of it being invite only.

You can still message @Bug-Support to report the bugs you find. They’re more slow than the bug reports category, but it will eventually get attention.

It may take a while, but I’ve been told that’s expected so have patience.


Okay, thankyou sorry i was unaware of the other posts. Thanks for letting me know.

Hopefully they start the promotions up again soon, until then i guess @Bug-Support should do the trick.

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roblox engineers have to monitor that section for issues, and I really doubt that someone could be experiencing this many bugs. Roblox would be offering you a job if you could identify this many engine issues every day. Your post sounds like you have issues with your local client and how you use it, not something that needs engine-wide addressing

Like i mentioned, some are new bugs and some are frequent that happen on the daily. I don’t think it’s a client issue, as i have tried re-installing studio many times.

Im not stating that i am some genius finding loads of issues, i simply stated that i am experiencing some new bugs and regular bugs on the daily. Most being bugs that have been happening for awhile now.

I submitted a feature request recently and I think it only took something like ten hours to get published, the team seem to be more responsive but I haven’t submitted anything else yet.

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