Members should be able to post in regular areas, until regular promotions come back

Trust levels are pretty essential, so they shouldn’t be removed, just fixed. I think we’re pretty close to the regular level being open to everybody again, as Roblox staff are talking about it more and more

Its pretty simplr. just make a post in bulletinboard and flag ur own post with custom message “move to #category


This really needs to be added. Currently it’s very annoying to either constantly have to DM the Bug-Support group to be able to post bug reports and the fact that members can’t even contribute to feature requests is pretty annoying, as well as the fact we can’t post feature requests either.

It’s been over a year, maybe even two since the regular role was paused and since then, hundreds, or even thousands of members have joined the developer forum, some being more active than current DevForum regulars and so many of these members have great feature requests which they’d like to submit and it’d also be helpful for them to be able to report bugs in a simpler way rather than messaging Bug-Support.


I also wanted to post a feature request, and I can’t because I’m not a regular, it makes sense if the post review comes back first.


Post Approval isn’t scaled for Roblox as it continued to grow, they have to find something else first.

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Thanks for all the feedback on various issues regarding the bug reporting workflow. We’re very aware of these issues and understand that the current situation prevents you from effectively providing us with feedback.

We’re going to be shifting more internal resources towards prioritizing creator feedback workflows (not just adding patches here and there as has been the case since ~Sep 2020). I will try to be as transparent as possible about things we are planning to roll out as we finish planning and things become more clear, and get feedback from the community early on where appropriate.

Many thanks for continuing to push on these issues and we really appreciate your patience! :pray:


Are there any plans to let everyone post bug reports again?

Yes, anyone that uses a product/feature should be able to give feedback on it.


Any updates with this? I am becoming quite frustrated not being able to post in feature requests and also having my bug reports ignored by @Bug-Support. I am contemplating moving to unity (I would rather not) because of my frustrations with the platform and having no way to voice them just solidifies this. I want to help the platform improve but I can’t if they wont let me.


There’s a working group for improving the feedback mechanisms we have. No immediate updates yet to accessibility but this is one of our goals. There’s a lot of scalability problems in the way we need to address first.

Someone else sent some feedback here on Bug-Support: @bug-support is too slow - #25 by Abcreator

I’ve forwarded that feedback.


I’ve been wondering about this myself. I feel that Roblox has been ignoring us. However, since you are here and watching the topic, I have an idea. Why not create a group, like @bug-support, that is for feature requests. That way moderators can filter out the noise and only post feature requests that fit your format.

Just an idea so developers can have and easier time to provide input into the features for the platform without running into nearly insurmountable roadblocks.

I am pretty sure Hooksmith in a different post said you can use it for Feature Requests too.

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I tried that a couple of days ago and so far I have not received a response. But I’ll wait to see if I do get a response.

You have to bump the messages frequently as they get lost in all of the other incoming reports. I would say try doing it once or twice a week.


Don’t worry everybody, they’d working on a new Trust System, so this will be fixed, they said they’re working on it this year, no date but better than nothing (right?)

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To everybody replying, please stop bumping this topic. It’s old and Roblox is working on it.

Do not do this, they’ll get to your report eventually. It’s slow, but constantly bumping it is not the way.


We want to improve the way we intake feature requests first. Currently the response rate to feature requests is low on our end due to various problems that we’re planning to address. E.g. one of them being that the format in which we request problems from you is not that great, it makes it hard for us to respond, as well as that it’s sometimes hard for you to understand what is a bug or a missing feature.

Being able to post but not get the response you’re looking for is not a great experience. So we want to fix the process there first before allowing more people to post there.

However, main priority for now is fixing up the bug reports flow and eventually improving accessibility here since being able to file bug reports and having them addressed reliably if they are high priority, is more impactful on your day-to-day development.


Makes sense. We only see what’s happening on the surface as we cannot see what goes on behind closed doors. As a systems software engineer myself, I do understand the importance of workflow and procedure. I noticed lately that I’ve been having a great experience with reporting bugs, so the efforts to improve on the part of Roblox hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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@Hooksmith any updates on this?


We’re much closer to being able to expand access to bug reports and have been focusing our efforts around improvements in this area for now. For feature requests we realized we need to do a lot more investigation and process changes for this to scale properly (see discussion above).