Issues with the current Bug reporting system

As a Roblox developer, it’s currently very hard to report any bugs if you’re not ranked over the DevForum Regular rank. At the moment you’re unable to report any bugs in the #bug-reports category without being a Regular+ on the DevForum adding onto this you’re unable to send any reports or messages to @Bug-Support as well without being ranked Regular+ from my experience, you will not receive a response when posting in @bug-files

I am aware Roblox is currently in the testing phase of a new Bug Reports Wizard option, although due to the many issues with the current system I was wondering if Roblox could address us more on how the Bug Reports Wizard can solve issues with the current bug reports system.

Main Questions

  1. Will everyone be able to access the bug-reports system?
  2. What is the process for a person to receive a response when reporting through the bug-reports system?
  3. What is the process after a bug report has been submitted?
  • Might add more based on further questions others may have

I am not sure what issue you are talking about, this seems to be just another “let members post bugs/features”, I suggest supporting this topic:

I haven’t needed to DM the bug support group, so I don’t know how that works. You can definitely DM the group as a member.

View from member account:
The bug-files group is definitely not giving you a response though, the inbox is muted by default and the purpose of that group is only for sending sensitive files that only Roblox staff should see.


The post is talking more about the issues with the Bug-Reports system and questions regarding the brand new Bug-Reports system coming soon, rather than talking about why members should be able to post in the bug-reports category.


You haven’t pointed out any issues with the current reporting system. Your topic also is more about how members can’t post bugs.

I don’t want to sound mean, however I’m not sure you can really say anything about any issues with the current system if you’ve never posted a bug report.


definitely not.
I recently asked bug-support to edit category to engine bug.

I got reply from @ MisterGreenTurtle , he changed category.


Oh that’s strange, recently when I tried to message @Bug-Support I was unable to after multiple tries and this was also the case months ago for me.


I tried doing this once and the mods just gave the finger and deleted my post without moving it. And it was a bug that was unreported! (Said bug was fixed later)


I’ve had the same bug for about 2 months now and I have tried everything, mods don’t reply to me when I message them, can’t report any bugs. It’s very tiring and i’ve had to turn on team create and have a friend publish the games for me.


The fact that we can’t report bugs without an arbitrary rank is really irritating.

I’ve just discovered another annoying bug that’s going to take me a couple of hours to get fixed unless I can report it, but of course I’m not ranked up, so I can’t report it.

Nice to know half of my decals are unusable until someone else notices the problem…


just dm @Bug-Support, I’ve done it multiple times (sources: one and two)


Kind of off-topic, but the reason why people really want to post in #bug-reports instead of Bug-Support is because Bug-Support is ridiculously slow.

I reported a vulnerability to Bug-Support nearly a month ago, and it has gotten no attention.


Shouldn’t vulnerabilities be reported to HackerOne? (not Earth lol)

Either way, I can definitely agree with you that Bug Support is pretty slow, although I haven’t contacted them in a while.


I don’t have a HackerOne account so I decided not to report it there.


Couldn’t you just, yknow, create an account?

Besides, everyone knows the Roblox H1 has awful payouts and funky response times. If you want something to be patched ASAP, post it on the big red V forum.

Also, you can bump your messages to bug support, the inbox for it is handled on a most recent to oldest basis (so bumping a message every week or two is a good idea if it’s still happening)


I don’t have my own credit/debit card, which is needed in order to get paid.

We’re getting off-topic now.


This is still a bit of a problem, but I have to give major credit to Hooksmith for updating us regarding this situation (as shown in other threads).


After spending a lot of time and effort internally to scale up how we handle bugs across Roblox’s product engineering teams, we finally have a solution available here: The Big Bug Reporting Update.

Everybody here in the current topic that made a post or Liked one of the posts (as of Mar 19) has had their join request accepted if they submitted one.

For everybody else that participates here later than this reply, please follow the instructions in the linked announcement above on how to get your join request in. We are slowly accepting people from the backlog to make sure we don’t overwhelm internal teams, but it is our goal to clear out the backlog. It will take us some time before we’re caught up with requests so appreciate your patience here.

Thank you for posting this and for your patience so far as we work through these issues!