Allow teleportation to private servers

As a Roblox developer, I cannot teleport players to a private server (Not a reserved server via the API, I am referencing private servers created on the website), even if it’s initiated from the server and if the owner is one of the users I’m attempting to teleport (It throws an unauthorized error message).

It would benefit me greatly (And I believe other developers would benefit from this too) if Roblox carved out an exception for the teleport API, so that if the server’s owner is in the list of players to teleport, the request is authorized.

This would allow me to teleport players back to their respective private servers v. putting them in a public server/reserved server after teleporting them to a different game in the universe.


Whitelisted players and friends should also be able to teleport without the owner in the player table.

Authorization should mimic functionality from the website


The client should be allowed to teleport to a Private Server if and only if they have access to it.

This could be paired with an API to get a game’s private servers as a Pages object


Thanks for this feedback - we’ll make sure it gets to the team working on private servers.


I really don’t agree with the cases of this only working under the conditions discussed above such as players needing to be given some explicit access to the private servers (be the owner, be friend of the owner, be on access list) because this doesn’t account for VIP links. There’s a lot of users on the site who utilize VIP server links and players who join may not meet any of that criteria. I’m not saying developers should be able to teleport anyone to your VIP server, but if a user joined through a link and that link is still the same then you should be able to teleport them to it.

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As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to teleport a player back into a private server [the roblox ones (NOT A RESERVE SERVER)] after teleporting them to a different universe.

Adding this would allow developers to put groups back into a private server after teleporting them out, for example in my game I use universes for gameplay and have a lobby as well, after each set of gameplay if they choose to go back to the lobby it will bring them into a public server even if they came from a private server.

In terms of the arguments it can just be the playername of the owner of the PS


Maybe there’s really two feature requests here:

  • Allow teleportation to private servers players have access to
    • Addresses @ArtemisTheDeer and @Ruizukun_Dev
    • Would work for anyone who has “normal” access - friends (if friends allowed) or thode who are added directly
  • Allow teleportation to previous servers (including private servers)
    • Addresses @Extuls’s point about private server links
    • Would work for all servers player has joined in their session - this would make for easy game hubs as well

I think both of these are things that would make sense. The only possible issue would be handling changing permissions, but that can be handled through methods that update dynamically, like evrything else on Roblox.

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The case of teleporting back to start place has been an issue in multi-place games since the introduction of private servers. A feature request was already made in the past to allow this, but it doesn’t look like it is coming anytime soon.