It is impossible to teleport a player back into a Private (VIP) Server

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to teleport a player back into a Private/VIP server after teleporting them to a Reserve Server.

Since my game teleports players within a universe, I wanted to keep them in a “private universe”. I was able to program this logic myself by teleporting players with reserve servers, however, a flaw that I have run into is that there is no way to teleport a player back into the original VIP/Private server (start place). None of the teleport APIs allow me to teleport the player back. To fix this, I teleport them to a reserve server for the start place, but this causes there to be 2 possible separate start places so you can’t go back to see friends who are in the main private start place.

It would be nice if TeleportToPrivateServer could support this.


Why not teleport players from the main private VIP start place directly into a private reserved start place?


It is a somewhat viable workaround, but it means double loading times, extra call to teleportservice right on game join and teleportservice can have degraded performance at times, and wasted performance on client devices. If this feature were a thing you can do without the additional reserved server and it would become much more convenient.

Also you can’t view who is in a VIP server on the front page if you first teleport them out to a new reserved server. This should just all be integrated so you can teleport back-and-forth.


Bump. I need this for my game as well, and the only workaround I can find is teleporting people to a reserved server on join. Roblox seems to be pushing universes as the future of games, so it’s confusing that they are missing such a basic feature.


I think the technical reason behind why this isn’t possible yet is that reserved servers are VIP servers but they get an access code. Regular VIP servers created by a player don’t get an access code, at least, not one facing the developer, and, if that were exposed it could allow a developer to put people into a VIP server the VIP server owner did not allow. Also, it seems like there might be a technical limitation around VIPServerIds which mean that Roblox can’t go from VIPServerId or JobId > VIP server data or something (that’s just speculation though).

I think a solution if that’s a concern or something would be to add a front facing API to request a special VIP access code for the running server. Developers could use the API to prompt a teleport for some given players, and, those players could either be teleported or not be teleported. That could allow for an in-game prompt for the VIP server owner in the future to allow or deny for the players in the list that aren’t already allowed access, and, if the VIP server owner isn’t there only allowed players could join.

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hey y’all - thanks for the feedback. we are researching this at this time to see if we can offer a seamless solution, and will make some announcements/updates when we have a better idea of what that looks like.


How has this been going? I’ve been having this issue in my game now as well.


I’ve been working with some folks and while we’d like to get to addressing this problem sooner than later, the unfortunate reality is that we can’t get to this any time soon. I don’t have a set date to share yet but I hope to at some point. I apologize for the bad news.

In the meantime if you’d like to preserve the VIP experience for your experience, I would recommend using a mechanism using our other tools, e.g. teleport to private server + memory stores, to do so. I believe some other devs have implemented some functionality to do exactly this already.

I’ll keep this thread updated with any advancements.


hey!! i wonder how is it going now? is been a year and is still happenin :slight_smile:

as far as I know - no updates. I’m no longer on this team however so it might be best to create a new thread at this point and ask again

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