Allow Toggle for water Physics

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to create a custom swimming or water environment while still getting the nice visuals of terrain water.

In my game I have a lot of morphs for players to morph into, and due to their various sizes and shapes, I sometimes have to attach invisible parts to them that I do not want to affect physics, so a lot of them are massless.

This causes problems when interacting with terrain water. Even if the player’s Humanoid is set to not detect swimming, it will still interfere with massless parts, and still interfere with NPCs or props, such as boats, etc…
Also if you wear certain Accessories or hold certain Gear, their weight will cause a player to float or sink in water, when for my game, I need the player to just stay neutral, not rise nor sink.

To solve this I originally made my own custom swimming, this for the most part kept players from sinking or floating, but on occasion had issues with the massless parts, because the terrain water was still interacting with them.

So I decide to use a mesh part for water, and remove all terrain water. This solved the problem, and my custom swimming works perfectly, however, using mesh parts just doesn’t look as nice as the terrain water, and if I want to get the nice animated effect that terrain water has, I need to try and replicate in lua, what the engine is already doing for terrain water, behind the scenes.

It would be nice if there was a way to toggle the effects of terrain water on and off, or if there was an easy way to apply the terrain water effects to a part of mesh part.


Just saw this post, it is not quite the same thing, but this request would solve the issue.