Allow us to freely transfer our games between our profile / groups

Would really like to have this. I’m surprised this isn’t already a feature since a lot of people need it and not having it is making it harder for developers to work together and make games.


Fingers crossed.


Still waiting ever so patiently :grinning:


Unfortunately we decided not to proceed with this program. If we do expose functionality to transfer game ownership in the future we want to make sure it’s something all developers can access, not just a select few.


You stated before that, “there are a lot of things we’ll need to do before that happens” so this probably won’t be anytime soon. Could we possibly get an ETA?


There is no ETA because this feature is not on our roadmap. See here for a list of what we have planned in the near future.


Still patiently waiting for this… :pleading_face:

Created Welcome to Bloxburg before group games even existed and missed the conversion program because I didn’t have devforum access, so now I’m stuck with a game locked to my account.

This has become a major hurdle, as I can’t use any of the features that group games currently offer. Without a way to give editing permissions or do Robux payouts, collaborating with other developers on the platform becomes unnecessarily difficult.

Considering how Roblox say they want to encourage collaboration and developers forming larger teams, it seems very counterproductive to have a lot of helpful features available only for a specific type of game.

Would imagine this especially affects new developers who probably have no idea about the differences between group and account owned games, and might not realize before it’s too late.

(Sorry for bumping, but was told to add a testimony here :upside_down_face:)


This has been an issue for my game Bee Swarm Simulator as well. When I created the initial place, I was unaware of the benefits offered to games created through groups (permissions and payouts), and this has become a hurdle with regards to taking in and funding outside help. This seemingly minor decision has major consequences that I don’t think are made clear to developers new to the platform. From an outsiders perspective, groups appear to be simply an optional community-engagement tool, or something more akin to an in game guild. In reality, not being able to give permissions means every change to the game must be made directly through my account, and not being able to distribute Robux generated by the game means that groups are mandatory if you wish to avoid the 30% Robux tax any time you need to pay a contractor.


When group games came out, I was well in-tuned with what top developers were saying and everybody knew that groups were the future of publishing Roblox games. The problem was games already on the owner’s account are a separate link, and are already in the Roblox algorithm (recommended sort, the recommended games on the bottom of each game, and on player’s profiles because of favorites, etc) -Which is important because with a good game icon, people click on those and play, gaining more traction.

I was doing a large update to my Titanic game at the time and I took a big risk and gave up all those links to the older version of the game to get the game onto a group. I do not know what affects this has had due to lost links that are pointing to the old dead game, possibly many lost players never found the new game. My dev stats show it took a long time to get the game “back onto the algorithm” so I don’t wish it upon anyone to have to trek through switching a game from profile to a group game on their own.


This feature has become more and more needed over time. Not being able to transfer my game to a group heavily and unnecessarily prevents collaboration and makes things like transferring the game away from my individual profile to a new head developer(s) impossible under TOS. The longevity of games stuck on individual developer profiles are at risk compared to games that are hosted on a team group page. On top of this are the aforementioned penalties such as the 30% Robux transfer tax when paying contributors. This is a feature that really should be more of a priority in a lot of developers’ minds and I’m surprised it hasn’t been acted on yet.


Honestly, it’s been over 2 years at this point since I made this feature request.

I was told by a dev-rel member who now no longer works at Roblox that this feature was going to be on the road map for 2018. We’re moving into 2020 very soon and this is still nowhere to be seen.

I’ve reached the conclusion that Roblox completely does not care about this one bit at all, and I think it’s disgraceful that they have left developers completely disadvantaged for years on end with no hope in sight of ever fixing this. Shame on them. This has left me absolutely disgruntled for years now, and I am sure I am not the only one.

The major issue is that year by year this become a less and less important feature to them as more new developers come into the dev space, so the percentage of devs affected by this dwindles down.

I think the only way of ever seeing any hope of this being fixed is to collectively demand Roblox to do something about this. Waiting around is not working.

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I think being more proactive in our approach to get this fixed is the only way we will ever see this get fixed. I highly doubt they will ever make this feature request a real thing at this point. The only option I really see is having this program for converting your profile game to a group game be on a case by case basis being reopened (see

If you guys would like to communally join me in writing a direct message to Roblox, feel free to message me. I have no problem spear heading this as I am completely done waiting, it’s been almost 4 years of this mess going on.


3 Months later, seems like Roblox is still ignoring this, I have a game that is currently in paid access with 20,000 sales so far that was first released in 2016 but I had no idea that the convert the game to group thing was a thing, plus I was planning to develop the game Solo. Now its 2020 and I would really like to have some devs help develop but I cant really pay them, (I don’t want to pay paypal or whatever) because its on my profile.

This feature is very much needed, but it seems like Roblox does not care like what Ripull explained.


I wish I could move all my games to a group :frowning:


I’m not going to make a new thread for this, but I really want to bring this up again. I started Plane Crazy years ago as a solo project, so naturally it was made under my profile. Some time later, I transferred development to @rickje139. At this point the game wasnt really popular and I didnt expect it to be, so it was left on my profile.

Turns out people really liked it. Which is great and all, but now it’s a huge pain as I can’t transfer Robux to rickje without incurring the 30% tax, and doing it via my bank then incurs transfer fees, currency conversion fees, and a potential tax paper work nightmare. On top of that, everyone just assumes I’m the only developer, leading rickje to go under appreciated both by players and Roblox itself when handing out invites, gifts, etc. If we could just move the game to a group, all our problems would be solved.


The fact that we’re this far into group games being a thing and still don’t have a proper way to transfer them is actually insane and very poor organization on Roblox’s side… unless they have a reason for not releasing the feature? I don’t see why not though.


This really rubs me the wrong way, especially considering the game you guys worked on was just in the most recent egg hunt.

You would think Roblox would know wether or not a game used in an event would have multiple development members, just off the basis of developers having to submit their games to them.

The fact that the main developer of an event game isn’t receiving all of the perks other Event Developers get, solely because the game was developed originally as a user game as opposed to a group game, is honestly asinine and perfectly magnifies why this feature needs to be implemented as soon as possible.


A clarification on that one! @rickje139 received full perks from everything directly egg-hunt related as he submitted the request to have the game used.


I’m really wanting to transfer the ownership of one of my games that I created back in 2015 to my group, but knowing that this feature request has been around for years makes me feel not so hopeful.


I would really appreciate this feature for my game Tower Battles. The number one reason for me would be so that other developers could get involved with the game other than myself. I can hire individual people to do contract work, but paying them is really difficult since normally i need to add 30% penalty through transferring funds into a group payout, which is already on top of the 10% original fee. This means that if I were to hire developers in this way, only 63% of the actual income would be able to reach them, which is a MASSIVE penalty. In large sums of robux you can be losing upwards of thousands of dollars doing this… I think this often times discourages developers from even taking this approach. Many times developers don’t want outside payment either such as PayPal, they want robux.

Also, I think this feature would give life to a lot of games that wouldn’t otherwise get it. There are a lot of creative people on roblox who make games themselves but don’t have the resources or ability to get their ideas where they want because they work alone. With this feature, If someone has a great idea for a game they can kick start it themselves, and transfer it to a group game to get a development team going once they need the extra help. It’s sad because I feel like a lot of games have not been able to reach the heights that they can since this is not a current ability…

Man it is not very encouraging that this was 3 years ago suggested :sob:


I’m sorry to break it to you but…

Roblox don’t give a crap about this at all. I was told by the dev rel head in 2017 that this would be available come 2018. We’re almost in 2021. The hope for this ever becoming a thing is long gone, and shame on them for it because I gave up on one of my games due to it. They shot themselves in the foot here.