Allow us to recolor class icons for organization in Explorer

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to group similar objects of the same class in a developer view, such as grouping scripts together that have similar characteristics that I want to keep track of.

What I mean is, currently I am using a google doc to track which scripts I can do what with (Can I copy it over to another place in my universe safely, is this an important script, etc). It gets really annoying when I have to go back to the doc every single time to see if it’s safe to copy, or sometimes I just go into the script itself to check.

It gets time consuming, and it would be much easier just to look at the color, and be able to know information about that script just from the color.

Something like these:


Er, there are probably better ways to do this.

  1. Use packages if you need to sync stuff cross-place/game, and that way you don’t need to manually copy scripts over
  2. If you insist on doing this manually, use CollectionService with or without the Tag Editor to flag scripts as transferable, and then have a plugin which pulls them into something you can copy and paste into another place where the same plugin puts everywhere where it needs to go

In either case, colored scripts are probably not a great idea. You’d want something more useful in other cases. I’d suggest taking a look at: Customizable folder icons for studio explorer