Allow users to delete off sale assets from their inventory

As a Roblox developer/member, it is currently impossible to delete off sale assets from your inventory.
Edit: For clarification I only mean to delete from inventory not delete the actual item.

Edit: This change applies to all assets not just clothing so I have modified this post.

It used to be possible to delete off-sale assets but I discovered today that this was no longer an option. I believe this change needs to be reverted as there are times when off-sale items need to be deleted:

Case 1: Average player
A player bought a shirt years ago and for whatever reason no longer wants to own it (embarrassing, unprofessional etc.) but can’t delete it because the original creator took it off sale. Player feels forced to own the shirt event though they no longer want to.

Case 2: Developer
I want my creations for an upcoming project to remain secret. I create a Roblox group with the exact same name as my username. Whenever players try to search for clothing created by this group roblox defaults and shows them things made by my account instead of the group, therefore hiding anything I upload to the group. However clothing also ends up in my inventory so in order to keep it hidden I have to delete it. I can’t delete this clothing without first putting it on sale, which exposes it to the Roblox community for purchase and can lead to leaks and reuploads, adds additional steps to the process and breaks up my workflow.

(A better option to this might be simply to have a hide option when you upload items so they can’t be found using the roblox search feature, but in the meantime can we have the old functionality back?)

Case 3: Designer/Developer
Sometimes it takes me 4-5 uploads of the same item to get the placement of certain clothing elements to line up the way I want (especially with R15 and packages). I’d like to be able to delete the failed attempts so as not to clutter my inventory but I currently have to put them on sale first which again, breaks my work flow.


This feature request should be for all assets. You can also not delete models, decals, etc from your inventory now if they are off-sale.

Near duplicate of:


As far as I’ve learned from these topics, Roblox will never allow us to permanently delete (or even update, to an extent) assets due to the risk of unwanted loss of property, either by accident or if your account is compromised. Assets being off-sale doesn’t make much of a difference; given that we can easily terminate VIP server subscriptions it’s not so much a concern of wasting peoples’ money. I ought to think that implementing an archive feature is still plausible, though.

I see, although if you just want to hide it then I would say that it still falls under the category of being able to archive assets. In this case removing an asset from your inventory would be pretty close to removing your own accessibility to it, so that’s probably why Roblox withheld that ability.

Edited my original post to make it more clear that the request is for inventory delete not asset delete.

I wasn’t aware this applied to everything. Thanks, I’ll update the feature request.


100% support!


That’s actually really interesting that setting a group to your name will make it display items in your inventory rather than the group. That does make sense but it’s one of those things I never thought about.

Anyways, I support this as well. I’d love more control over the visibility of my assets to other users.


I’m not allowed to post a new topic so I’m bumping this one. Why does removing an imported asset from the asset manager have to be such a slow and painful process?

I have a large number of unused meshes I don’t wants from repeatedly importing a many-part mecha model from blender because parts were coming in inside-out, or it was flipped the wrong way, or I wanted to change something, etc. etc. I’m new to Roblox Studio and thought it would be easy to just delete all the old mesh assets. Nope.
I can delete them from my inventory- but only one at a time, and only by opening them in a web browser, clicking the dot dot dot icon, selecting delete from the drop down menu, clicking yes I’m sure, switching back to Studio, opening the next one in the browser, repeat this for literally hours…

What I want to be able to do: Go to Toolbox >> Inventory >> My Meshes, ctrl-click on the icons to select several at once; hit the delete key on my keyboard, get a pop-up that says “Are you sure you want to delete 156 mesh assets?” click “Yes” and poof, they’re gone.
These are not assets that are in use in any game, they are not on the marketplace, they are just duplicate “.001 .002 …” old versions that will never be used and that new ones will replace. They’re clutter. I have sounds and particle textures that are the same.


Sorry for the bump to this, but I’m in the same boat here. Not so much off-sale assets but an on-sale plugin that recently became paid.

I’ve been using Moon Animator 2 for a while, recently they decided to make it paid and the free version that I owned now comes up with “No Enterprise License” - I figured the best way to get around this would be to delete the free version of the plugin that I’ve owned since before it became paid and to then buy it and re-install it.

However, when going to the page, I noticed that you can’t delete plugins from your inventory. It’s now telling me I own the plugin but I have no access to it because I didn’t pay for this version, and I can’t delete it from my inventory so I can’t buy access to it, therefore I can’t use the plugin.


This is a good idea. There are old assets that many people regret uploading and would like to discard of them, or at least remove them from showing in their creations or inventory, perhaps being able to archive them at least would be a start. It is understandable that, for safety reasons, permanently deleting assets would be dangerous from an account compromise point of view, therefore archiving would be a good solution.

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This is a key feature! I have around 100 junk images in my inventory and it is impossible to delete them.

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