Allow .wmv files in the forum

I don’t know if this is only for me, but Roblox’s recorder video format is .wmv, and that’s the only recorder that i have without counting Xbox Game Bar (Which is laggy for me), and the most optimized video recorder that i have is the Roblox one, the problem here, is that .wmv videos cannot be accepted here, and Roblox recorder is using that format, and it’s a big disvantage to me, since i require vdeos to explain better, for me, explain everything in words is very hard, but using videos is easier. Thanks for reading!


Try uploading a videos to YouTube as an unlisted video, and then pasting its watch link into a post. The forum will automatically embed the video at the link’s location.


I think that this is limitation of discourse, the software DevForum runs on. Here’s their site:
You can also try using OBS studio. It’s a lot better than built-in Roblox recorder, because:

  • Smaller file size
  • Better framerate
  • You can capture anything that happens on your screen
  • It can save files in .mp4, which is accepted here.

And it’s absolutely free! Here’s download link, if you need:

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@ForbiddenJ - The problem is that im not allowed to use Youtube, and uploading videos in youtube takes more time, but i will try to do that in a day!

@pewpie12302die - I made a post in discourse recently, Discource allows any type of file, here is the link:

Right now i’m installing OBS studio.

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In that case, consider using VLC Media Player, because it can convert videos. If I remember correctly, MP4 is a format this forum allows.


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This is what I use to convert files on the fly, it’s 100% online, fast, and free (unless the file is very large)

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You should not mark this post as solved. A lot of other users of this forum can run into the same issue, so staff should either:

  • Configure the client so it will save videos in .mp4; or
  • Configure the forum so we can upload .wmv here.

It isn’t a limitations of Discourse, confirmed by Discourse staff:

This is up to the administrators of the Roblox Developer Forum.
For now you can use a online converter.

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This is live btw, happy uploading (but please use different video formats such as mp4 when you have an opportunity, since wmv doesn’t embed properly in posts :fearful:)