Provide Actual Images/Videos on Topics (Not Download Links for Them!)

Hey y’all!

I just want this to be an announcement to everyone:

[color=#3296fa]Whenever you can, please actually put the video/image in the topic, not downloads/links of them![/color]

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people providing download links to view a video, especially in the categories within #help-and-feedback. This would discourage many people from helping since they don’t want to download things like that to fill up their computers. Plus, downloading is a longer process than say, a link, or even a whole video on the topic itself (which is the best option).

This is what is happening:

And this is only one example, if I provided all (if somehow I managed to find all of them), then you’d be scrolling for miles to view them!

This is a download link to a video. But it’s extremely inconvenient to download something to see it. As I said before, a link would be much better, and if it’s actually on the topic then it’s the BEST.

Also, many people still use Gyazo, but please stop using Gyazo, especially for images! I mean, just put the image on the topic by uploading it! Like this:

Don’t provide a link to websites like Gyazo. It’s unnecessary most of the time since it’s possible to provide it in the topic.


Obviously, not every file type/size will work, but most of them will.

Here are some exception(s), reply down below if you have any more:

  • If a video is too large (sometimes it will be), then it’s better to provide a link to it. Upload it to someplace like Google Drive or some online video place and provide a link to it.
  • Likewise, if an image is too large and you need all that detail for some reason, then you can link websites that store uploaded images.


Don’t put download links for videos/images at all! And also try avoiding links to other websites, but that’s understandable sometimes. Try to make it so that the videos/images all display on the topic. It’ll be easier to view it for everyone.

A benefit from this is that, especially in the #help-and-feedback categories, people can instantly view your problem and will most likely solve it much faster than providing a download link. I mean, think about it: if you provide two videos (what you want to happen, and what happens), then it’s much harder to switch back and forth between two tabs noting what exactly is wrong. And downloads are out of the question here–they’d be a disaster!

Thank you for reading,
and Happy National Composting Day! :seedling:


That one ends with .wmv isn’t from a link, it’s uploaded from client.

Why it isn’t embed?
Simple, Chrome can’t play .wmv, only Opera on linux can. (Unless you download a plugin, the HTML5 video player doesn’t support it)

(psss: .wmv is developed by Microsoft)


Well, I actually requested to whitelist .wmv files:

I mostly did it because of the Roblox Recorder, since you can’t actually change the Roblox Recorder video format, I’ve decided to request this, and in my opinion, I still prefer to keep this, some people (not me) actually have the time to download the video.
For gyazo, I think this wouldn’t be an issue at all, but I still prefer to post the images instead of a link, my fingers are too weak to click a link lol, I agree with this. Thanks for reading.

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hey, I use prnt screen mostly because it’s easier just by pressing the button on my keyboard but haven’t seen any links with videos that you have to download to view? that’s very strange but it all depends on the recording software people use, I guess.

Nonetheless, some sites show previews of what the screenshot is without clicking the link like prnt screen does.

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Noticed thats my video link haha.

I have no idea on how to make a video that doesnt require download. Sorry about that.

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If your on windows, you have a built in screen shot tool. Just press windows + shift + s and you can select what you want to screenshot, then it’s copied to your clipboard and you can open it in snip and sketch to edit it.
I really hate seeing uploads but links to gyazo and even discord are so annoying.

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