AllowThirdPartySales does literally nothing

AllowThirdPartySales being disabled should stop prompts of third party assets from being sold to you.
But prompts of third party sales in games with AllowThirdPartySales disabled still go through, regardless.
This bug is actively effecting hundreds if not thousands of places as i detailed here


See this post. AllowThirdPartySales does not seem to affect free items, like models.

i put third party gamepass wall (also known as a vip door) and used it in a game, and it prompted me to purchase a gamepass that was made by someone else, despite the fact that AllowThirdPartySales was disabled

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Ok, It looks like the feature was tested in the test environment but then a technicality made it appear that it was enabled on production when it wasn’t actually enabled. I’ll see what we can do. Obviously we can enable this now, but it probably should be re-tested and possibly re-announced on the dev forum as there are certainly devs that have joined since the last time it was announced.


I think Roblox still has some problems with the MarketplaceService even though they thought they fixed some things. Something they said they fixed a few weeks ago is still causing problems in my game
People are able to sell fake gamepasses on other players game with backdoors, and AllowThirdPartySales is still non functional and is unable to prevent it. Can we get a update on this? :yum: AllowThirdPartySales was added in november 2015 and it is still nonfunctional and i’d like to see it work :cat:.


I would prefer to see this property deprecated and moved into the Game Settings.
It doesn’t make much sense for it to be under the Workspace.