Ability to block Free Model Purchase Requests

As a roblox developer and roblox player concerned with quality of life features, I am concerned with being unable to block annoying free model market place purchase requests. There is currently no way to stop a script in a game you are not a developer of from sending you requests to purchase a free model. There are a lot of free models with scripts that either constantly bug you every so minutes to buy the free model until you purchase it, or offer the free model as a purchase to you every time you join a game with it in it.

I tested out the top 12 free models on the front page of the catalog. 8 (66%) had a script that automatically prompted to you purchase the model as soon as the game loaded, 1 had its own gui prompting you to press a button in order to open the marketplace gui to take the model. 2 Had built in buttons in its gui that let you take the model, and 1 did not have a button to take the model (that i could find).

It seems detrimental to the new developer experience to be immediately shown models that put annoying pop ups in their games when they start browsing the free model catalog, and bad to the overall user experience to have to deal with advertisements for a free models they don’t want, and are unable to permanently stop without purchasing the model.

Heres my mockup of what the window would look like with a possible solution to this issue (just a mock up, please dont implement it as badly as i did :yum:)


Apple did something similar with apps asking for App Store ratings. You can opt out in settings now and apps have to use a specific App Store rating request API that filters through this setting.


Alternatively they could just disallow the practice of prompt purchase spamming so it’s not an issue in the first place…

I don’t see any legitimate reason to allow prompt purchase spamming, it’s entire purpose serves to increase the model’s take count in a dishonest way. Any prompts to take or purchase an item should be user initiated, not automatic and blind.


It would be cool if models inserted by other creators automatically disabled the scripts until you opted into enabling them. If done in Studio, you could make a plugin to do this maybe


Auto-disable any scripts inserted with non-featured models. Would certainly solve quite a bit of problems for people (those annoying fire virus things), though it doesn’t help in situations like the case of the screenshot where it’s a script the user intentionally inserted prompt spamming everyone who joins. The place owners likely don’t even notice as I doubt it would prompt them to take something they already own.


Some of the free models are basically just module scripts, with no way to disable the marketplace purchase notifications without disabling the entire model (which is a module script that gives admin commands or other fun stuff to the game)


The longer the practice goes unpunished and unchecked, the more people will do it. It’s an abuse of the system.

Don’t we have Workspace.AllowThirdPartySales which defaults to false?


While that is true, i just tested it out in a server and it does not stop prompts to take a free model.


So is it just a broken property?

Edit: It doesn’t appear to have any script access restrictions applied to it according to the wiki page, so it’s entirely possible these models are toggling the property.

In one of the scripts that has the prompt built into the main script, and not contained in a module script, i could not find any code that toggles the property, yet it still worked. It might just be that thirdpartysales are only disabled for stuff that costs robux, and not free models.

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Looks like it. Are donations working?

I put a vip door free model with someone elses vip gamepass in it. With thirdpartysales turned off, i touched the door and it prompted me to buy a third party gamepass. I dont think AllowThirdPartySales does anything, and this post:

from February of 2016 suggests thats its broken for more than 2 years

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imo should be deprecated. Workspace is a bad place to put it. Maybe along with some other config settings under MarketplaceService.

You can delete the code that prompts a FM purchase, at least for the Dragonite vehicles.

I honestly think practices like this should be moderated, especially since every 5 minutes, it creates another popup and it technically artificially inflates model sales. You can also modify the script to prompt developer products or gamepasses, and I am unsure that the “AllowThirdPartySales” property is protected. [ If you go on the wiki, it has no indication that it cannot be toggled by server scripts. ]

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AllowThirdPartySales was never enabled as a feature, as ConvexHero said here