Analytics: Track funnel and economy events to grow your experience faster

Wow! I was just about a day away from creating a custom analytics webpage! I’m stoked that I don’t have to use my HTTP service quota limit (or datastore service when that fills up) on analytics anymore! Google sheets is great but a dedicated page is extremely valuable to me - perfect timing.

Edit: Will this update include logging custom events, similar to how the Playfab integration used to have back when that was a thing? During the playfab integration campaign, I used to track information such as which maps had been chosen the most by players to play on, and which cars they would select to race with. This would allow us to make informed decisions about which cars were a higher priority to update and impacted how we determined our development resources should be used.


Started implementing this before they announced this, its going to be super interesting and useful for my game.
How long do i have to wait for this page to unlock, its been collecting data for a good 10 hours now.


I really love this update, thanks Roblox team!


Got that very same error what does that even mean


Love this! Was wondering how repeat funnel events affect rate limits. If I call a duplicate event, does that count as two requests, or is the second one ignored?


The error is straight forward. Make sure amount values are positive.

The point of my post is that the errors should appear in Studio.


We are going to add support for custom events next (simple counts)


Should take about 24hrs for the data to appear in the charts. You can validate it’s coming through correctly with the view events button (data should appear there almost real time).

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Update 7/11: Issue should be resolved!

We’re experiencing a data pipeline issue so it may take up to 48 hours for your economy and funnel charts to show up after instrumentation. You can still use the View Events tool to see the real time feed of events.

Thanks for your patience!


Why don’t the log methods use a dictionary? as having 8 parameters in a function is ridiculous, nobodys gonna remember what each of those params are. Also why is an enum used for custom fields? shouldn’t custom fields just be a normal dictionary without the use of enums? as this really seems like a really unnecessary use for enums.

	[Enum.AnalyticsCustomFieldKeys.CustomField01.Name] = "Category - Weapon",
	[Enum.AnalyticsCustomFieldKeys.CustomField02.Name] = "Class - Warrior",
	[Enum.AnalyticsCustomFieldKeys.CustomField03.Name] = "Level - 10",
    } -- Custom field dictionary table

As this example thats provided in the docs for custom fields is quite literally reinventing the wheel, with the values being the keys & values,
when it should be just a normal string dictionary like

local custom_fields = {
      category = "Weapon",
      class = "Warrior",
      level = 10

Don’t get me wrong this is a great update, but it just seems like its api didn’t have much thought put into it at all.

Edit: I think changing the api surface for this should be fine, as this feature just launched and backwards compat shouldn’t be really too much of a worry as I can’t imagine many devs have implemented this in their games yet. But if they have they likely check the devforum atleast somewhat often to know about this feature, so it’d be easy for them to make a change.


Very excited to start using this - thanks to everyone that worked on it.

I imagine it’s too late to change now but my initial impression of the API surface is that it’s… a bit unwieldy. I’ve been feeling this way with a lot of the recent APIs that have been introduced but this one is really not doing it for me. Luau can be a very expressive language and I feel like we could be taking better advantage of it.


If you could update us here when this issue is resolved, that’d be awesome :upside_down_face:

Just for peace of mind.

Both funnel and economy events are global across an experience.

Unfortunately, they count, the deduplication of events happens inside our nightly data pipeline, but rate limits happen at runtime.

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Currently just the enum names.

Is it possible to combine data from two different funnels in the visualization?
For example, for players who reached step 5 of my “main” funnel A, I would like to see their progression in funnel B?

This is fantastic and extremely useful, thanks!

Absolutely love this feature! Do you think it would ever be plausible to include a chart of “reasons” for the drop-off? For example, one part of the funnel could have low step completion because 98% of the users crashed in this step, while only 2% left the game. It would make debugging and resolving the low completion much easier and narrow down issues with crash rates.

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How many is too many events?

120 + (20 * CCU) - This is referenced at the bottom of the Overview page