Animation Editor Broken

i am trying to animate a character in my game but i am getting this error:

'Plugin_AnimationEditor.rbxm.AnimationEditorRigBuilder.AnimationEditor.Code.UtilityScripts.UtilityScriptPluginSetup', Line 48

What is wrong?

I think this belongs in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs

i cannot post there. I am only a “New Member”

From recent threads I’ve read, some people do do this, but you end up getting it flagged and removed. It’s one of the rules(Couldn’t find it). You would have to go through the post approval process, because that’s the only way to do it, otherwise, you would get in trouble. Sorry if this sounds mean.

Ok, lets just hope it gets approved

Make sure your post follows this guide for a higher chance of being approved:

In this topic, you only showed a single line of the traceback. You’ll need to include more information (full error message, repro steps, etc) for your report to be accepted.

Maybe you are using the beta plugin?

nope, the normal one. the one that comes with studio

Cue: read the rules. :upside_down_face:
cc @TOP_Crundee123

New Members are allowed to post in our Platform Feedback categories. The thing is that their posts will get instantly moved to the Post Approval inbox so that we, the Post Approval Team, can review your post and make sure it is appropriate for the category you’re posting towards.

Maybe a beta feature you enabled? They can break some stuff