Animation Editor: Keyframes not visible for custom rigs

I have been trying to Animate a custom rig of mine. I was able to animate it just fine until the most recent version of the Roblox Animation Editor came out, which seems to cause any keyframes for my rig’s animation to be invisible/nonexistent.

While this bug lasts, I am unable to animate my rig to a sufficient degree (seamless looping animations for example, where copy/pasting keyframes is a necessity). The keyframes seem to work just fine with the default Roblox R15 and R6 rigs.

Sample rig used to reproduce bug:
Rig.rbxl (25.4 KB)

Screenshot of the issue: (there should be keyframes here)


Could 100% reproduce this.
It’s very annoying if I want to delete any keyframe.


Just wanna ask, are you on windows or Mac?


So after looking at your model, I see on the “Root” Motor6D under LowerTorso, if I swap the parts assigned for Part0 and Part1, your keyframes show up again. When we build up the hierarchy of the rig, we use Part0 and Part1 on motors to determine this. Since HumanoidRootPart was set as your primary part, but in the motor setup it was not considered the top of the hierarchy of joints, this caused conflicts.


I can answer this, as I’m on WINDOWS.


This worked correctly, thank you. I do wonder though, why didnt this cause a problem before the update?

The old editor had a different way of determining the hierarchy that was pretty inconsistent. We had multiple reports of people having to manually set the RootPriority on their parts in order to get it to work.

We’ll have to add in check here to make sure the specified root part isn’t being driven by another motor.


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