Animation playing on the server, but not playing locally, where the animation is performed?

Strange one, my animation will play on the server, but not on the singular client it is played from. It plays on other clients.

The below code is in a LocalScript.

Example: This script is in Player1’s PlayerGui. On the server, the animation will play. It will replicate to Player2, Player3, etc. However, locally, on Player1’s client, it does not play. Anybody have any ideas what is causing this? I’ve tried playing it on the server, still doesn’t work for the player it is animating.

local animTrack = player.Character.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation)
		animTrack.Priority = Enum.AnimationPriority.Action

Setting the animation priority from a script does not work, you need to do it manually from the animation editor and re-upload the animation.

Yes they can be played locally if its being done of the player’s character.

I’ve never seen animations ran locally

Ok, well you learned something new today.

Yeah you have to use an animator and animationcontroler to play locally

Ok what your saying is incorrect, please read this page: AnimationController | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

I don’t think I’m wrong

Yes you are 100% wrong, that post is giving you an example of how to disable automatic replication of animations from the client. Animations are not that complex of a a topic, and I have worked with them many times to know how they function, when running animations on the Humanoid on a client’s character they can be played from a local script and will automatically replicate.

Well there’s no other way because it will automatically replicate to client if you don’t stop it to play locally

I don’t think you understand, please read the web page I linked earlier.

No it’s my bad I didn’t read the question he was asking

This script is older. I have since changed this. I know longer edit the track’s settings in a script. Everything is set correctly from the animation editor. This question is out of date now, essentially.