I don’t know if this has already been suggested or not, but what I’m requesting is:


Instead making a gun equip, hold, and unequip animation, you could make 1 where it does all of those, and to use the hold animation you’d just :Pause() the AnimationTrack in the middle, as an example why this would be useful.


Actually this functionality already does exist, but not in the way you’re wanting.


You can also set speed as an argument of AnimationTrack:Play()


Would AnimationTrack:AdjustSpeed(0.0) work?

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Oh, Didn’t know that existed, disregard this thread then

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Is this inefficient at all? Or can it expected to be used a lot without any efficiency concerns?

The paused animation will still be considered running and will still apply it’s CFrame to the animated joints, so it would have the same performance impact as a running animation.


In that case, would it be possible for a :Pause method to be added to stop it entirely but keep the current position in time? (I haven’t used Animations a lot, so if :Stop already does this, then please tell me because then I would have learned something)

Stop doesn’t quite do that, although you could grab the current TimePosition for the playing AnimationTrack, Stop it, then when you wanted to start it up again, Play the track and set the TimePosition back to the last position before it was stopped.