Announcing: Stop stressing about copyright claims - Use Strofe to make your own music in minutes!

@strofe_music @strofemusic Just a question, what license is Strofe Music provided under? And is the music locked to only Roblox games?

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Actually, Discord links are only banned in #bulletin-board


For now any song you create in Strofe is yours, and it doesn’t apply to Roblox only. We even have a user who created an album using Strofe and is selling it, and we’re perfectly ok with that (she decided to credit us, but she wasn’t required to, check it out here).

We do need to come up with a business plan at some point, so I can’t guarantee that this will always be the case. What I can promise is that whatever we come up with won’t be retroactive, meaning that any track you create right now will be yours to keep, forever.


Roblox composer commissioner people: Welp, I gotta find a new job!


I’m happy to share the Discord link, I just found these guidelines (from 2017) and would rather play it safe.

These guidelines are only for the Roblox site (

Just waiting on approval for the comment with links.

You can click on the blue text on the quote to view the post.

Sweet. Thanks for the help!

Check out our subreddit here (hot off the press)

and our Discord link is here!

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This is absolutely one of the most helpful tools I’ve seen be distributed on the forum for FREE! This is going to really help game developers save time hiring music artists to create masterpieces and now they are right at our fingertips at! Thank you so much strofe team for this!!


Your words are like music to my ears…I’ll just see myself out.

Haha puns aside I’m glad you like it! If you like it now just wait to see what we have in store in the future! We’re just getting started.

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It uses an AI to generate the songs so that would be a lengthy process.

No, there is no requirement to credit Strofe.

For those of you who asked for this feature, you can now download the midi for the songs you create!

A small caveat: since we generate the midi when you click on the download link, it might not show up in some of your older songs that were generated awhile ago without the midi. If you want to download the midi for one of those you need to make a small change to the track and undo it (I suggest muting then un-muting a section) and click the download button again.

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After it’s cool I guess but I wish you could edit your song a bit more after it’s generated and there’s this bug where it takes forever to generate your song but if you click my library and click on the song you are trying to generate it pops right up. Edit: it’s not a bug it’s just me being a idiot.

You can use the MIDI file in a DAW to edit your track.

I guess but it’s a whole lot easier if you can do everything in one application. For example they could add a way on the website where you could add another instrument. Or that could be a paid feature so they can get some dough. :wink:


You can request a feature on their Discord if you want.

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Here’s my song!

I have requested your feature to the devs.

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